Billionaire Investor Ken Fisher on How to Navigate the Stock Market Selloff

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Billionaire markets guru Ken Fisher, Chairman of Fisher Investments, reacts to Thursday’s 724 point plunge in the Dow Jones Industrial average

The stock selloff was sparked by worried over a trade war with China.

President Trump announced some $60 billion worth of fresh tariffs on China Thursday. This comes on top of the steel and aluminum tariffs announced earlier this month.

“The day was like a perfect storm, sometimes you get a tornado, sometimes you get a snow storm, sometimes you get both,” he said.

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slovokia says:

I think Scott Adams would classify Ken Fisher as being a master persuader. He could sell snow cones to Eskimos.

RealLife Money says:

Ken is the man haha. I love how he thinks and I completely agree that this is all short term. I'm still focused on buying.But thats just me!

Franklin Bluth says:

I bought $DBX IPO today and will be adding to my $BAC position next week. Under $30 is a buy

Khadin says:

Could listen to these two all day.

Bullion Forever says:

Buy miners, only asset class not in a bubble


I agree with Ken…on everything he said.

Cy Ka says:

it's quite clear all that is market manipulation created by trumpets that sit on their toilets and using tweeter makes money for himself. Interesting persona

INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks and money making videos says:

Perfect storm is exactly what I would call it 👌👌 bough a lot of shares yesterday 🙏

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