Binary Options Martingale Strategy, IQ Option, 1 Minute Strategy, 100% Profit Guaranteed

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Binary Options Martingale Strategy, IQ Option, 1 Minute Strategy, 100% Profit Guaranteed

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Try on Demo Mode first.

“Binary Option” Martingale “1 Minute Strategy” Video describing a quick way to make “fast profits” with “IQ Option” using a modified “Martingale strategy” specific to “Binary Options”.

Strategy as follows:

Make an up or down trade/Call or Put, using a £1/$1 stake, making sure you are using the next available expiry time in Turbo mode.

If the trade wins…GREAT! Make another £1/$1 trade but this time in the opposite direction.

If the trade loses then make a trade in the opposite direction but this time increase your stake to £3/$3.

If the trade wins return to the initial £1/$1 stake but making sure your trade is placed in the opposite direction

If the trade loses again then make another trade again in the opposite direction but this time increase your stake to £8/$8.

Continue this process making sure:

That if the trade wins you return to the initial £1/$1 stake but placing the next trade in the opposite direction


If you trade loses then you increase your stake to next staking amount, which is detailed below in the “staking pattern” but also ensuring the next trade is in the opposite direction.

Staking Pattern:


100% profit guaranteed you will also make profit using the “martingale strategy” and will always have the chance to be ITM.

Binary Options ITM strategy

This is only a “IQ Option Strategy”

“Binary Options Martingale Strategy”
“Binary Options 1 Minute Strategy”


Matt Tane (Musics) says:

This is all good and well but you are boasting actual wins and here you are showing us how your doing it using a practise account… very suspicious

fermstar says:

@Binary Options Strategies. Do you take your first trade of the day in the direction overall trend? and if you do end otm when do you apply the strategy and try again. does it have to be before the next purchase time expiration?

Robert C. Davis says:

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Sandali Bandara says:

Wow! This strategy is great. Could make profits in few minutes!! Brilliant!! ????

Kyle Snyder says:

my broker allows no less than 5 dollars per stock minimum. What would my trading chart look like?

Gian Volante says:

What a BRILLIANT video!
Thanks mate!!!!

Sven Mueller says:

Are you trading this strategy also in a live account or just demo? i tryed it in demo for a while and it works quiet ok, but for sure the broker will not tolerate this if you do this in a live account. I have seen broker do small price adjust an suddently a win is a loss and than the next loss and so on till your account is history!
I was looking for reviews on IQ Options, but not found to much!!!

Is here someone who can help?

kwabenaadade says:

Tried it …. really works. however i had a string of 9 wins. it got me thinking if that could have been losses. Do you also have string of wins more than 6 in a row?

Tunde Abiola says:

You are not the owner of this strategy. At least give credit to the owner.

Danny Bentham says:

Yo i live in the uk, you got whatapp or kik anything i can contact you on?

Justin Cogan says:

Thanks for a great video. I'm very keen to try your strategy but I'm scared of 7 straight losses as I have to spend a lot to cover £349. I'm worried I will panic. Any advice. Thanks - Binary Options Reviews says:

Read our review of this strategy and many more strategies at

Diana Calitz says:

What worries me is the broker never makes money. You never loose.Will they be able to last?Also what does OTC stand for over weekend trading.Tx mate,loved the video

jk_ lifestyle says:

Im on 1 pound stake and doing some good profit already! Started doing 3 days ago and hopefully my stack will rise to 10 gbp like you do!!! I still cant believe its happening!

Fstcruzin Williams says:

Hi mate, how long are you doing this per day to make £200-300 per day?

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