Binary Options Strategy 2016 – Binary Options Trading System 2016 (Winning Strategy That Works)

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Are you finding binary options strategy 2016 that works? In this video, I will be showing you how to really trade binary options profitably with my live signals results.

As you all know, in binary options we can choose different types of expiry times, including 60 seconds, 120 seconds or 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 day and even one month. But more traders prefer short term expiry as it will show results almost instantly on either it is winning or losing trade. In my binary options trading system 2016 , I am using 2 minute expiry as it does not take too long to know the results and my strategy actually can work as 60 second strategy as well. You may choose which one you prefer, but I still recommend 2 minutes/ 120 second as it can make consistent profit.

Of course, there is a lot of people out there showing you binary options robot or signals, beware as some of them are scam. You need to see their live signals and live robot results at least using video like this as some may just edit the picture and told you that is their real results which is fake! In this video, I have shown you 1 week results live on mt4 and I have not hidden anything or edit the results. I am sure you will believe my binary options strategy 2016 is the winning strategy that works.

And also, I have created a custom mt4 key indicators in this trading system which will alert you when there are trading opportunity. This is because not all traders want to put their eye 24 hours on the chart which we all know that it is tired. With my indicators, you can do other things in front of the computer and go back to chart only when the alert pop up and sound. In this trading strategy, I used Bollinger bands and I have adjusted the parameters so that it will get a higher winning ratio as shown in the video. If you are serious traders which still finding the way to earn money online trading binary options, you should act now and get a copy by clicking the link at top of this description.

Another very important point to success in binary options is money management! You should have a proper target for your trading day instead of taking all the trades. Please be noted that trading using binary options martingale strategy can be very risky, so I will not suggest using martingale. In my system, I have also included the money management rules and worksheet to let you have a proper target and to have consistent profit, please visit my website for more details.

There are still a lot of binary options strategies that work, but I prefer simple one and I believe you will like it as well. Of course, some Forex strategies are suitable to trade binary option as well, but its required some analysis and modification. The most important is to back test it and see the results. I think that’s all for my sharing and I really hope you will use this best binary options trading system 2016 to earn money.

If you have finished watching this video and live results, you will know that this is the best binary options strategy 2016 that work. And I can sure that you will get a high winning ratio.


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why do you show this on a demo acount? How does you live acount look like?

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