Bitcoin $14,000! Explosion

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Suzanne E says:

CB, you gotta do a boom shaka lakka boom dance everytime we go up $1000. By xmas we'll have a music video! Do it MTV style. C'mon! Footloose!

V. Ramsey says:

What the hell are you saying man?? This is one of your worst videos ever. No concise point. babbling on, and full of contradictions.

Steven Teo says:

where is the chat room?

Same Wise says:

you don't want to talk about neo because you don't want us to buy and make it rise. what's the point of this channel ? to manipulate the market ?

poplife123 says:

OK don't let Fud take over …'s going mainstream …..hold urs coins…..this is new territory …..don't be scared off….

John GT says:

Ah CB, one of your better ones.

Hot Sauce says:

I think Cryptobud is off his meds today… his delivery seems like a rough-draft if you're comparing it to writing an essay… repeated words, stuttering, inappropriate rambling, brain fart, and trailing thoughts leading to nowhere… get back on the Adderall bro…. I can't believe I sacrificed my jerk-off session block-time for this video…



Flo Rian says:

Where is the rest of the video? Thx for your great work

PeterFreitag says:

its going up for the next weeks ! You will see

TheyCallMeRoman says:

Exchanges will be flooded and nobody's going to buy bitcoin, THIS!!! is why we shouldn't sell it ever. Just wait for a mass adoption and use it a money.

TheyCallMeRoman says:

Hope you're wrong man!! Why dumping future of money at any time?!

TheyCallMeRoman says:

Fiat money is becoming history.

LegendarnyZiom says:

Boom shakalaka ohhh Man… smash unsub

alex h says:

a lot of people i know are waiting the big drop to buy too

Charona says:

probably your worst video ever. i like them normally. poor grandma who got confused by you 🙂

gurds says:

Hopefully there will be some pull back on the 10th -_-


Where's the fuckin' pull back.

James Knight says:

If your going to hold then even if it does drop, in 3 years time it should be higher……surely?

Jordi Gillet says:

Your video got cut at the end. Can we get the last part?

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