Bitcoin 2013 vs 2017 charting are we going to $2600?

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Whats Bitcoin Doing Part2. Bitcoin looks ready to get further into the bear market here.

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Craig Candor says:

Bullish on Bitcoin and DigiByte.

Ryan D says:

We are definitely flouting on hope.

80sruler says:

Well that’s an unpleasant title

Alex Snder says:

My plan is to short it! It rhymes too well with 2013 in my opinion.

Emmanuel Rosenberg says:

sounding like capitulation to me… 😊

Craig Neeve says:

so much global money out there, and you are advocating a 2600 bitcoin? so the technology is broken?

Craig Neeve says:

i hope it becomes a stink market and everyone leaves, cause everyone will come back later on wishing they hadnt left

Elvin Gao says:

The fudster of all time. His mind is changing too fast. It’s like he doesn’t have any content idea so just put out whatever over scares or over excites people. He is one of the youtubers I watch every day at the beginning, and now the only thing I want to do with his videos is dislike.

universalsheep says:

mt gox was responsible for bitcoin prices in 2013 and into 2014. the graphs look similar but so does every year at this time (aka lunar new year). in more recent history (2016-2017) the trend went upward around this time. i think youre putting too much emphasis on chart astrology and not enough consideration on current events.

David Johnson says:

Hope died today. I have been expecting the 2013 bear market to UNFORTUNATELY happen. The other thing is that the stock market is also dropping and looks to be going into a bear as well. That is scaring lots of folks and people are running back to cash. Even the bond market is getting whacked and conservative people are getting killed on their TBONDS. Gold isn't much better. It's all pretty bad. Hope? Yeah for the Shorts!

SH J says:

I think this is totally different circumstances. Gox got hacked last time and the vast majority of the traders lost all of their money. Can you really compare that psychology to this time.

jay N says:

Also bitcoin now is a controlled market . So media has an effect of what happens next they can make the push for the large players to make some quick money . So it’s best to think of their physcology and how they want to handle this to profit for them before it inevitability crashes organically

Patrick McAnuff says:

Full of crap? More like full of insight. Thanks!

yungro23 says:

I dont think its rationale to compare 2013 to now. Completely different ball game. This current dip is the final bear trap before the big run, institutions loaded at 6k and whales are shaking weak hands right now. Bitcoin will hit 12.5k and 14k in the coming weeks, watch.

Andreas Lenk says:

More than a year ago, I saw a behaviour chart for the new technologies, which shows that there will be a fast and rapid growth alternating fall and somewhat  steady stability and  each spike up is times higher than the previous one. The same principle can be applied to many different technologies where consumers are involved. Each spike up will spread the knowledge  and attract times more new people to use it.
BTC has done it now for 3-4 times and will do in again, but according to the chart I saw, it has to come down somewhere near where it begun its rise up. My prediction is that it could come down as far as 3k. And all of this will take time.

Mantas Jacque Fresco says:

advertise your youtube channel more (currently undervalued) and please keep it up.

Pedro Soares says:

We do need to consider institutions this time wanted to buy at 6000-8000. Institutional money didn't come after the 2013 crash right? I might be wrong though

Biagio Colangelo says:

all these utube videos doing charting ,u guys always get it wrong,the crypto market is not the stockmarket

1080p TV says:

What’s a Handel and a bullish

Tina Lee says:

I have watched your channel with great appreciation for your logical and insightful TA. However, this time BTC free fall is hard to explain by TA with so-called "cup & handle" because it is so much FUD due to Biance potential hack issue, people are panic, it is crazy pure FUD, imo.

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