Bitcoin $250,000 by 2022?!

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Nuclear Redfield says:

How in the hell is 2022 soon?

Streamingmadman says:

That's like saying that the train is bigger than the infrastructure it rides on. This is just more price pump talk.

appdevcoder linux says:

A long long time ago, maybe 10yrs ago was said that "there will be a one world government and one world currency''.
Could Bitcoin be the gold standard of the so called "one world currency''??
Peices are slowly starting to fall into place.
Crypto is still to this day in it's infancy.
Big things are yet to come….maybe not the $250k mark, or maybe?…nobody knows but the roadmap for crypto is definitely established.

DigitalBoy says:

Free Bitcoin Animal FArm for Telegram

Free Bitcoin Animal FArm for Telegram

Luca Toscani says:

draper is not the owner of bitcoin. nobody owns btc anyway. . you cannot compare him with elon musk who owns tesla. and now it's bitcoin fever and it will be big, much bigger than now. you should do a video on Mc Afee lol. imagine if he s right. he prediceted btc at 1 million $ by dec 2020 aahha, who knows he may be right

Billy LaGrange says:

Great video! Nice job!

White Armour Consulting says:

It's all about block chain technology, but hey I'll take 250,000 per Bitcoin within four years otherwise just hold and see what happens.

SuShAnT PaTiL says:

Dude i don't know what price will Bitcoin have in 2022, but comparing it with stocks is ridiculous.

Shane Steer says:

totally agree ETH should have more hype and recognition after all most of the whole space is on ETHERIUM .Cyrptos in a sense owe it to eth for there product as amazon owes the internet for its financial gain.

RpBunny says:

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Neal Schoeler says:

If it sounds too good to be true…

lunatic26tan says:

even if the market cap goes up to 10 trillion, its not bigger than the internet market lol

Herman Sunarya says:

Earn 15542 satishi

WildCamperVanMan. TV says:

bill gates thinks it will hit $1M in 5 years.

iZi Ozy says:

Would it ?? All I need is 10 bit coins enough for me until death

F P says:

A lie told often enough becomes the truth. People hear these statements and actually start believing it. Can Bitcoin become a store of value? Maybe one day if price is stable but hasn't happened yet. Can it be a currency? With this tech? How? With 4 transactions per second or whatever it is? And no lightening network will not fix this with a second layer solution.

Kyle Zeller says:

You are a whore. Used to love your channel, but you officially sold out for subscribers. You do not care about your fans. You do not care about the people you claim to be educating. Check yourself

the engineers says:

Price prediction of any thing is just a load of crap. Although It is unrealistic now that BTC would hit that price, but you forgot about USD inflation.

Another thing the is no such thing as the face of bitcoin. What is the face of gold?

ETH580 says:

And and by the way it’s $500 up since you made this video yesterday lol

ETH580 says:

It’s funny how all these people you named that would never predict the price of there stock have made bitcoin price predictions lol just about everybody does. You can’t compare the revolution of our monetary system with any other revolutionary technology. Also it doesn’t take that much actually money to push the price up very high. Out of the 21 million bitcoin that can ever exist only a small fraction is for sale on exchanges. It’s not like an asset commodity stock currency and more it’s none of them and all of them combined. You know very little about what your saying. You should research before you talk stupid. 250k is nothing.

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