Bitcoin Analysis ETH| ONT | TRX

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Bitcoin could be ready for the next big fakeout, the price action could get tricky here. It is going to be interesting.

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Kristina Black says:

Hi randy :p im shayan in slack chat and twitter. I posted about btc, trx and eos last night. Trx and eos poped really good. And now watching your video about btc, you shared the same idea as i posted last night. Seems like I'm becoming a decent TA finally :p and i owe you for this. I learned everything just by watching your videos. I wanted to thank you again. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Barry Case says:

Great stuff!

Marcel van Es says:

going down, blood on the street 🙂 sell or hodl, the sooner this thing is over ….. lol

Blake Campbell says:

Always keeping it real. Even if it was a bit too real before.

Josh Jensen says:

It's crazy how accurate your ta is. I'm going to check out your webinars this weekend. I am interested in buying at the bottom.

Glenn Barone says:

Real crypto real deal

mazztech says:

Love hearing your thoughts. Do you have a rough idea of when this capitulation might happen? Wonder if I have enough time to wire money to coinbase or better to use their coinbase app.

TangleBox 32 says:

Hey Randy – are you still hopeful for a future flippening – or has ETH raised the white flag?

Evan Walsh says:

I can't wait till bear hunting season, but this sucks right now … waiting game

cooldog60 says:

This is a full blown crash and burn. Will the market come back ? Sure it will some day. But for now lets call it what it is and it is not a correction it is a crash and burn.

Seroga07 says:

Nice call on ONT. I didnt have anything to trade with :'(

Julio Taborda says:

very good video as always

Seroga07 says:

I like your outlook on BTC always. Difference between trade and hold long term. Good point.

Seroga07 says:

Thats actually 2014

Seroga07 says:

lol ratings!

Michael Manfro says:

I’m comparing it more in the April 2013 wave. You should compare both.

You are looking at 2014..

Jamie Bennett says:

You sound sick Randy, hope you are ok and feel better soon.

Pandu F.B says:

great analisys !

Goksel UNAL says:

Very informative. Thank you

Learning Now says:

Thanks for the update and great content… You are saying that bitcoin is pretty much like 2013 pattern and then you are showing us 2014 chart?! is that something i'm missing?

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