Bitcoin and ALL Digital Currencies MASSIVE CRASH After GAME CHANGING Event!

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The Money GPS says:

Give me your opinion, are digital currencies created by central banks, financial establishments as a trap? Or are they simply trying to make sure these are never going to compete with their fiat currencies?

ammar siddiqui says:

Making money was never as easy as to make Crypto rewards just to watch and giving your feedback

Johnny Skelton says:


iWIN TV - Invest without bias because we're robots says:

China only accounts for $11 Trillion of the over $75 Trillion Global GDP. I think this video presents a complimentary view.

ReligionlessFAITH says:

Bitcoin Network HAS NO CENTRALIZED OWNERSHIP – no one charges or pays interest on the bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet, and unlike the banks, the bitcoins in your wallet CAN NOT BE USED TO FINANCE WAR MACHINES unless YOU decide to buy a tank.

Sure – taking the chinese bitcoin wallets off the network will affect the network – but the network will survive without china, and in the long run it will only be the chinese PEOPLE who will suffer by being denied access to currencies that CAN NOT BE COUNTERFEITED.

Marty VanDuzer says:

Bitcoin value is still going up, what are you looking at ?

Balloonlol84 says:

there was no crash, not at all.. do you expect it to gain value in a straight line to 400k.. wont happen, it just wont happen. There will be selloffs. Sometimes triggered by news, sometimes because a certain price is reached. Nothing new, it's normal.. just normal. You did have many views with this absurd title, so well done it worked!

Ironcity Outfitters says:

If it's not actual coin, silver gold …lol copper it's a joke. more of the same old same old. anyone investing in currencies is lost. get tangable tradeables. the future is digital and #chipedaf . remember they have stolen 98 percent of the copper out of the penny. the future is bartering.

CryptoCracker says:

Yep, Bitcoin dropped from $5000 per Bitcoin to $4000 per Bitcoin.. even still, a month ago it was $3000 so it's still up a thousand bucks in the last month. What you people don't understand is that crypto currencies are going to replace fiat currencies very soon. Each crypto currency has its own purpose. Ethereum, for example, is used to buy and sell resources used in the production of decentralized apps. Currencies will continue to grow specific to individual industries. There will probably soon be a currency specifically designed for transactions related to the automotive industry. To buy or sell goods you will need to exchange some of your Bitcoin for, let's call it Motocoin, in order to deal with car dealers (just an example). Also, you need to learn about Blockchain technology. Bitcoin is so incredibly secure because the blockchain is duplicated on thousands of computers and "mining rigs" around the world. Records of every transaction are stored in data blocks which are then encrypted (hence the term "crypto currencies"), and all the connected computers have a copy. If anyone tried to change the details of any transaction within the blockchain their attempt would be cecked against known legit copies on the network and would be rejected. Learn what Bitcoin is before you dismiss it out of hand, because it is taking over the world you live in. Jusmp on board now or be swept away when fiat currencies are replaced by cryptos. Visit if you want to learn more or get some Bitcoins for yourself. It's a whole new world most of you guys have ZERO idea about. My mother is 73 and is way ahead of you chickens lol. gg.

Ricardo V. says:

MASSIVE CRASH = tiny little dip.

Bill T says:

Gold and silver will always have value because it is used to make other products.

Bill T says:

From my most basic of understanding there will not be any more Bitcoin made so will it split? Maybe each Bitcoin would become a thousand other denominations so it is affordable and everyone will have some.

Glenn De Jong says:

Long term view , don't panic , China will come around when they sort out the crooks trying to be dodgie .

GameTactics613 says:

Who cares if digital currencies where a setup by the government. if the currency crashed to pennies ill buy couple thousand and sell it at 100x the price when it barely gets to a peek in price point. then ill be a instant millionaire. ill buy everything and anything to move the money and I'm Gucci.

Noah Abba says:

I believe this will be a great opportunity for Bitcoin to take a step a head and act as the leader of all other currencies. I would love to see Bitcoin the well established currency to start giving approves to these coins and combined the market caps. Bitcoin can be the central bank of all of them.

idnq34 says:

Naturally government going to make it illegal…. because they cant tax it….

tom williamson says:

Crypto is run by CIA…ask them what will happen….not an insider game..?????

Justin Love says:

it is very possible the bitcoin is the child of central banks or someone who has modeled on the way central banks operate. i say this because the fundamental problem with bitcoin is the same as with fiat currencies – massive changes in value. People forget what money really is – a method of comparing the value goods services. The real value is in the goods and services themselves and money is just a convenience. Giving things a money value is easier than to swap a money 1 1/2 cows for 9 1/4 hours work. But the money should have no intrinsic value itself and any services charges for using it should slight.
Instead people fall into the trap of believing that money has a value in itself, which is a false and dangerous idea. The amount of money available should be linked to the amount of goods and services traded in the market. Then the currency will not change much in value overall though individual items will go up and down according to supply/demand. The number of transactions made should closely monitored and projections made. From these figures the correct amount of currency is added if necessary, there should be no need to remove money already circulating.
Any fixed limitation in the amount of cash available for business is detrimental. With fiat currencies there is no limit of the amount that can be created but the supply of is so heavily manipulated that in practical terms there is either far too much or far too little available for commerce. This maintains the power and wealth of banks and means everyone else is in constant danger of losing out either from inflation or depression.
So come on all you hackers get it together and make a currency that truly supports traders and not banks – you can do it!!!!

big white lab rat says:

I love the fact that everybody keeps bashing bitcoin and cryptos.Meanwhile my account
just keeps growing 10x faster than a 401k.

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