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Is it too late to buy #Bitcoin? That’s the question most people are asking right now. The truth is the REAL BTC rally hasn’t even begun! Why all banks are broke and $BTC could be the solution! Samsung S20 confirms crypto support, NY blockchain bills, news and more!

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Intro Credit:

3:20 Markets 〽️
3:56 Bitcoin Analysis:
7:42 The Banks are broke!
15:15 Samsung news:
16:56 NY blockchain bills:

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. This is just my opinion. Always do your own research before investing. I am not responsible for your trades…

Is BITCOIN Due for a MAJOR Correction?! Why 2020 Pump is NOT like 2017! XRP Flash Crash!

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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Crypto Zombie says:

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tigarNVTS says:

bitcoin please go to moon

Jorge Navarro says:

Godfrey Bloom is Satoshi Nakamoto

Ramon Andrade says:

Cardano, ethereum and xrp

Harm Kuijken says:

Hy K Dub, I heard u got ledger, a lot of ledgers, I could use one really bad. Love your channel iv been subscribed for 2 and a half years now.

slimok75 says:

Though bitcoin has experienced an upside movement of price from the $10,240 area the bulls protected the 100 hourly SMA. The bulls are strong and aggressive and this bull run will see the price of bitcoin skyrocket to the moon, what this implies to all is that it’s time to accumulate and increase your holdings which is what I am currently doing by taking trade courses and also using signals from Knud Green. He is an expert trader with a proven success record and by copying his signals in my trade I have grown my portfolio of 2 btc to 15 btc in just 2 months. Knud has been my best asset in the crypto sphere and he could be reached on Telegram:(Knudgreen) and Knudgreen01@gmail for any crypto-related inquiries or insights on becoming a better trader.

Alfred Wunder says:

Awesome vid K-Dub .. LLAP

hsan asum says:

for the nano!!!

Darrin Mills says:

Blast off is always two years away.

Alexander Medeiros says:

I had some birthday gains with the rally in the 11th…. would I be able to get a birthday ledger(it would be amazing to be picked, I wonder if he would read this part in brackets)

Ernest Chew says:

Still feeling the love as above $10k. Massive blast off is coming.

Crypto Fish says:

are you sure its gonna 10x?

barnibizer says:

Only 100K!!! Dammit. I prefer Tim Drapers 250k target!! Then we come back and average 100k for a few yrs!

Alex B. says:

Ever since BTC broke above the key $10,000 price region, it has been consolidating around $10,300, with the current upswing signaling that it could be on the cusp of seeing another intense rally especially since the bulls have been able to prevail over the persistent turbulence experienced by bitcoin over the last couple of months. The best thing to do now for noobs and old-timers alike is to keep building a strong portfolio and I having tried out several methods including DCA have come to the realization that trading with a consistent approach and guidance like that of Houte Wallace makes it pretty easy to do so. Within my first 2 weeks of meeting him and trading with his signals, I made gains of over 5 btc which is almost impossible considering my finances at that time. This I did with just 2 btc and I do not intend stopping anytime soon. For inquiries, Wallace can be reached on WhatsAap (+44 7727427929) or Telrgram (wallhoute) as he is someone always willing to be of some assistance or the other

BMuslim says:

This is a comment

Andre says:

Nano me already!! Been giving you insight for months now. I did say 10.5 mid February on December 12 when we were at 7.1k!! Next 3 weeks we find ourselves allllllll the way back to 8700 and find our space near 9500 sideways til everyone thinks we see lower prices bc the 1/2ing is priced in. Then we run back to slow grind to 11.8 by April and have some healthy price action. Followed by front running the halving. Range trading will be most profitable for all. I’ll screen shot this for you.

Jason Photography says:

My mother-in-law said she "read" articles that investing in bitcoin is a bad idea. She was born in 1946. I quickly changed the subject.

Quang Tran says:

thanks kdub

Nandiin Rodrigues says:

Use ada or xrp for transfer

Will Jensen says:

No Alts, No Trades, No Rush.

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