Bitcoin Break Out? NEO Might Be A Buy, Enigma ICO, Predicting Bubbles – CMTV Ep40

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Bitcoin looks like it might be breaking out of the downtrend + NEO looks like it might be getting ready to surge. Plus the key to understanding when we’re in a bubble!

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Joe Chan says:

Love the way you think through things!! What do you think about qtum at this moment in time

Jason says:

I've witnessed 115BTC buy order getting filled at 0.004BTC. damn

M 13 says: the guys for the registration give more than 10 dolaars in bitches with instantaneous output

Fisher Ohvf-men says:

13:50-I predicted NEO would see a massive influx of cash 2 days ago when it dropped, I loaded up and suggested all do the same

Sumair Khan says:

i maybe wrong but there is 75% chance btc going 3700 again and not done yet,  by looking at chart, there is huge support and buyer zone waiting there so realistically this is my scenario and opinion.

Pocket PC says:


MaximusMXCIIVII says:

That accumulation of neo = whales buying up neo to buy other ico coins coming out over the next days. They are buying it whilst it's still cheap.

TheyAreHereForYou says:

Favorite crypto channel on youtube. Keep up the good work!

James Forteze says:

Honestly, hedge fund guys who don't know about BTC are probably "checked out" in my opinion and just phoning in their job at this point. Part of being an investor is keeping up with the trends, even just in culture. For guys to not know very much about BTC makes me feel bad for the clients who are letting them manage their money.

I am not saying they need to be buying it or even planning on it, but to not know that much about it is shocking to me. That's the same as not knowing about retail trends or things like that.

Balus Rex says:


I will begin by saying that I do not often comment on videos, and I would like to outline the fact that I do not do it as most of the time there is not much to be said, not due to the fact that I find myself on a position of power from which arrogance can be expressed through silence.

The content you produce is better than the majority of channels that I have found so far on the topic of crypto-currencies, with most content producers being superficial, too flamboyant, and overall inept in doing proper research, and analysis, spamming the same information that appears on certain media outlets (be it digital, or analog).

I do hope that what I am seeing here is not a persona, but an honest individual, rather smart to add, that tries his best to educate himself in a proper, scientific manner, doing his due diligence, with transparent, and good-faith reasons for doing so.

I wish you the best, and keep on producing videos as you have been. I am sure that there are more individuals like myself that silently watch, and use your input as another layer of analysis in determining the best course of action for sustainability, long-term growth, and intelligent business decisions in a hectic, unregulated market that offers great opportunities for wealth.


dubai coins says:

Can someone please tell me , where to buy BTC besides coinbase. They are expensive. any other exchange please? thank you in advacne.

Luke Roberts says:

dude you are a machine keep up the good work

ariel x says:

you're right on NEO bro. The random rich whale are accumulating it. NEO has good vision, but the manipulation behind it seems risky. Like you said, they're accumulating it, previously they are pushing it pass every psychology level, chinese govt came out bad news, ppl sell into FUD, that's where they start buying in. they are gaining control on it. NEO has good vision with chinese govt support blah blah blah, but it feels like we're being control through it. Any thoughts?

Clemens Steinbauer says:

Uploaded on Spotify

sunspun producción says:

Thanks mane.
Neo, meh. It could go a billion, i dont care. Lol no im lying. Id care if it went that high, but the coin is clearly over pumped. And it was better as anteshares. Lastly Allready have a neoscoin, generic rip off.

Runnin' Gunnin' says:

Yesterday, tried and get in on Viberate ICO instead of grabbing some OMG after the big drop.
Made the wrong choice on that one.

Hidden-In Plane-Sight says:

Yo can anyone help me out on bitconnect? I'm having trouble lending. I keep getting a message when I put an exact amount of BCC in sayings to only use digests. How can I use only digests when the amount is fractionalized? I've tried just entering in the BCC amount and it won't let me. I've tried 2 browsers and the bitconnect app. They all do the same thing. I'm at a lost and quite frustrated! Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out.

David Lee says:

I think hostcoin gots a bad ass tech behind what they doing and i would not be suprised it hostcoin goes to the moon soon!

Rich Clarke says:

I would not buy NEO now. It's looking bearish on daily and weekly. IMHO bitcoin bull market is still in play.

Gabriel Auger-Roy says:

Got a question, when everything is green on bittrex by example, like 15-20-25% up, how much time does it take to go down ? maybe sounds stupid but wanna make more profit possible with a strategy, (sorry for my english)

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