Bitcoin Breakout To $17'000 Next Week!?

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joe way says:

2017 boom was all about bitconnect !!! every average joe back then bought into bitcoin to play the bitconnect casino lol and then they lost everything ….

APL sflad50 says:

IMHO, you spent too much time listening and observing other YouTubers. Just about verbatim you repeat others opinions and conclusions to btc movements.
Coincidence? Maybe. But for some time now I noticed this.

Crypto Miner says:

Taxable event.. not necessarily that you will get taxed.. you only get taxed if you made gains. You also write off losses if you lose.

Da SuitMan says:

just a matter of time before all you blow your load early fanboys… get wrecD. Panic selling is simmering on the backburner. I will be at ground level with a full load to blow.

mac richard says:

not sure, but what i have seen here is tremendous update

Benjamin says:

I am all in on Lightcoin, Trying to find a opening to trade half over to bitcoin. Maybe i can after the halving but i don't think so anymore 🙁

Michele Pelagagge says:

Great analysis, thanks Sunny, you're always very helpful, thanks!

Walt Moore says:

Im holding Alts yes but why not

TMGonScreen says:

YES! There will be another alt season, after new ATH. Easily another big alt season. Stop talking about it because its not happening soon!

Rodger says:

Around 7min mark you discuss that most people believe there will be another alt coin season. you also ask that most people believe that, than why are they not holding % alts in their portfolio. You forget that alts got hit the hardest. Maybe a lot of people have just been holding their portfolio through the whole crypto bear storm. In that case you automatically end up with a portfolio light on alts because the value simply tanked. This is the case with me anyway.

i 1010110 says:

I study charts very intently..i see us dropping next week

crypto bits says:

Weekly RSI still oversold in 80's

John Chop says:

When altseason

Cryptomama says:

I’m diversified but XRP is my favorite, just a matter of time💰

PHMero Gamer says:

How about doubling your investment in 24 hrs ?? I introduce you to

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Barraldinho says:

So how many of you have watched this all the way thru? Hmmm??

Brandy Wasay says:

Yes, I also believe in the contrarian point of view, therefore , price will go down in the short term.

chris says:

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Armando Garza says:

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