Bitcoin: Buy Now or RUN LIKE HELL? Let’s talk About Crypto CRAZINESS!!!

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If you’re interested in speculating on cryptos, THIS is the guy you want to listen to (IMO)!

Special alpha m. thank you to Stansburry

A STRONG DISCLAIMER: Alpha is not a financial adviser. Nothing that he says should be taken as fact. Do your own research about how you should invest your money. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is discussing a hot topic: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He’s found a helpful resource for understanding and how to buy it.

Alpha Missed the Game Changer
He first starts with a story of regret and stupidity which includes Christian his videographer. About 4 years ago, he told Alpha about Bitcoin and crytocurrency. Christian said that it would be huge and that Alpha should invest. Alpha’s head was about to explode and told him that it was a bad idea. Christian bought Bitcoin at $20 a piece back then. So, Christian is happy now and Alpha feels like the dumbest guy in the room.

What is Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin?
Cryptocurrency is a type of digital money, created with the goal of security and anonymity. The currency uses cryptography (process that converts legible info into practically un-crackable code) to track purchases and transfers. Transactions are made with no middle men (aka banks), can be used to buy merchandise anonymously, make international payments simple & inexpensive (not tied to any country or subject to regulations), don’t have associated credit card fees, and can be an investment. In the digital era and with the contributions of mathematical theory & computer science, cryptography has become a way to secure online communications, information, and money. The first and most well known crytocurrency is Bitcoin, created in 2009. The price of Bitcoin, in 2017, rose exponentially into the thousands.

How Alpha Figured It Out
Alpha decided to educate himself. The documentary, “Banking on Bitcoin”, was one source that helped him. Another resource was a newsletter that he received from Stansberry Research. They are affiliated with Tama Churchouse (an early expert on cyptocurrency insider) with whom Alpha tried to connect. As a result, Alpha was referred to the Churchhouse Organization where he obtained a information that helped him to understand cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

How to Educate Yourself
Stansberry Research is a subscription based publisher of financial info & software. They’re a team of financial wizards and gurus that recommend different investment strategies. Just for Alpha’s viewers, they are offering the Churchhouse Organization newsletter. For only $49 (usually $99) for a year, you will receive to two special reports about crytocurrency with video tutorial, monthly access that gains you access to back issues & old special reports contained in the log-in portal, and a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Bottom-line from Alpha
Alpha now knows enough to invest a little bit. Don’t go overboard as crytocurrency is super risky where you could make a lot of money BUT you could also lose it. You can buy pieces of Bitcoin, essentially stick your toe in without totally jumping in. Cryptocurrency is like the modern day gold rush but don’t invest more than you’re comfortable. And most importantly, educate yourself first!


howard says:

fuck off. shit video

abenesk2 says:

learn how to trade bitcoin

Greg Gauger says:

Don't pay for that newsletter, you can find all that research for free online

Sairah S says:

How to buy Ripple XRP, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easy to follow step by step guide, free to download.

eastvoltresearch says:

Dude. Stick to fashion or workout advice. You have neither the experience or knowledge to try suggesting investing strategies to your followers.

Ugo Okonkwo says:

Where will Bitcoin price end up this year?

Aberdolf Lincler says:

Well considering how China is about to ban cryptocurrencies and they make up 90% of the market and how South Korea is about to ban them as well, I'd say it's a pretty shitty investment unless you got in early and sold at $19k.

Peter Meissnitzer says:

One more problem is that Bcash is centralized. It was created and marketed by Roger Ver, the truth is that if Roger Ver dies, Bcash will go to nearly zero.

If Vitalik dies, Ethereum will tank as well. Same for a lot of these teams. On the other hand, if a BITCOIN developer dies, BITCOIN continues all the same unscathed. BITCOIN is the most decentralized coin in that sense. And so I say GO….BITCOIN….GO . The king of crypto currency .

W4sabiNinja says:

It's people like this who take advantage of the uneducated. You don't need to pay anything to learn how Bitcoin or cryptocurrency work. It is all free online. Anyone interested to learn go to or watch YouTube videos with Andreas Antonopoulos. He explains it to the point your grandmother can understand.

Diadema City says:

Old, reliable and honest bitcoins faucets. Let them 24 hours open and collect the satoshis in a period of 5 or 10 minutes to FaucetHub.

World of bitcoin:
Get your bitcoin:

Weerbericht Flits Karsten says:

Register hete for Kucoin and het a passive income! This is not a joke…

Peter Meissnitzer says:

Only invest what you can afford to lose , everything in life has it's risks ( think marriage ) even BITCOIN having said that since it's inception 9 or so years ago it has only done one thing go up up and up . It started at around 30c and now is around 14.000 US , pretty good investment I would say .

Patel Pushpendra says:

Nice T shirt

Rich The kid says:

Get the fuck

captainAUBS says:

stick to jewelry and perfume buddy

Gene Tom says:

Alpha you re my go to guy for everything! Keep rocking👌

Branssal says:

Register now before its too late!!

Mo Seghir says:

The normies are coming selllll

Mostafah Kibar says:

Investing money without diversifying and in only one asset class is not wise.

lullemans72 says:

6:21 so you can stick your finger, or i should say, you could stick your COCK in the pond

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