Bitcoin Cash Explained

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What is Bitcoin Cash? Where did it come from? Do you already have some and not even know it? Is it free money??? Today I take a look at these questions and more.

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Cats Meow says:

I think we need to wait before say if bitcoin cash will survive or not… It's a new currency, no currency have power after only one week. It takes 7 years to the bitcoin to become strong like today.

Antonkiller948 says:

So if i had my bitcoins in coin base i wont get bitcoincash until january 1 2018???

Crypto Bug says:

Bitcoin Cash IS the original chain. Anyone saying otherwise is a newb or a banker.

ErGeKo says:

Great explanation 🙂 Now i am waiting for your video about how to remove money from the paper wallet 🙂

Jenny Boone says:

Damn,subbed. I wish i found this video,when i scoured the internet for 3 days,trying to figure out why exchanges and others were trashing it,even though it was growing fast!

Jenny Boone says:

I searched everywhere for bitcoin cash a couple days ago,and i couldnt find a trustworthy website that sells it. Cant find a wallet either

Jenny Boone says:

Is walking around outside while making a video a thing now?

Gangadhar Hembram says:

HI bro
I am your BIG fan>>
Can UU create video> How to transfer Bitcoin Copay to Blockchain Video OR Bitpay to Coinbase Bitcoin transfer Video..
Plz BROO..

CryptoCam Channel says:

I think Bitcoin Cash is here to stay and I'm def not going to sell it but may buy more if it drops below $200..what do u all think?

Dawid Hernes says:

youtube com/watch?v=UIDV6AV9ySk Blockchain get BCH Bitcoin Cash for free from 01.08.2017

Dawid Hernes says:

Check in youtube: ,,Blockchain how get your BCH Bitcoin Cash from 1.08.2017,, Get your Bitcon Cash for free from 01.08.2017

Royal says:

hmmm… rather one sided…

Darren Hiebert says:

I had Bitcoin on paper prior to August 1. Do I have Bitcoin Cash?

GammaWave says:

yea Calgary!

callmesbo says:

Where does Bitcoin cash say they want to be THEE Bitcoin? From the start BCH have said they are digital peer to peer currency, something BTC can't claim to be anyomore.Secondly, ViaBTC was the only mining pool that decided to fork. There is no way they would have expected to have majority hash rate. Thirdly though both Bitmain and Bitcoin. Com are advocates of big block and are supporting viaBTC they have stated that they are honoring to the NYA. If all the advocates of big blocks wanted the Aug 01 hard fork, BCH would have had majority hashrate. They have 80+% in total.

刘阳 says:

Core coin going to 0in 2018

kevin nguyen says:

So u saying that if i had 20bitcoins in my ledger. Now i have 20bitcoins and 20 bcashcoins? So i got an extra 20bcashcoins?

allen smith says:

I think bitcoin can't compete, because of it's extremely limited number of transactions. Bitcoin cash will surely take over. At least, there will be one main crypto and it can't be 1MB bitcoin.

Barry Dutton Sells Homes says:

Much mooning. You know what people CAN'T argue with? The fact that on the nite of your show / livestream when all this happened – the market cap started rising for the first time in weeks back up and blew past the $116B range – and kept going. In the last 2-3 hours or so –it crossed the $120B for the first time ever. I don't find any of this coincidence.

Real Truth & Uncovering Lies says:

What if your bitcoin is stored on a paper wallet before August 1? Do I still have bitcoin cash and bitcoin?

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