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Joan Tron says:

This has quickly become one of my favorites "quick hits". Thanks for the solid analysis.

Maddogecoin says:

As a btc user I think all this charade is due to btc failure, there is a lot of greedy involved on this, reason why price is up, I made some profit, so I exited the market. I really doubt the price of btc will go up, in fact there is more probabilities it will go down. As far as I concerned about getting free cash like many morons feels about btc cash… that will not happen. I believe this has been used to confuse newbies so they can stay in the market. My 2 cents.

r tg says:

Charlie Lee creator of Litecoin live on CNBC : (the sheeple are seeing the Lite.)

Andrew Song says:

To me Bitcoin Cash is about philosophical view on coin's existance. Its akin to US dollar coming off gold standard. What is better to bitcoin? Commercialized and centralized segwit or decentralized and bulked up bitcoin cash. You could say segwit and commercialization is part of growing up. Maybe it is. Maybe not. I prefer to see original vision of creator which is Bitcoin cash, but ultimately market will decide. Either way, its fine for me, and competition is also good. I will hold both and try catch which way wind blows.

Mike N says:

The only benefit you need from Bitcoin Cash is to stay out of the grip of the global banking cartel who are weaseling their way into the crypto scene via SEGWIT. Why bastardise the blockchain with unnecessary third party nonsense? Keep it pure. Keep the global elite out. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. If you accept segwit then you are opening your arms to enslavement and the new world order.

ej732 says:

Investing in BCC is like investing in Enron, or Solyndra.

lánzate org says:

Smart take.
I´m not going to sell the present. I will honor it holding for a few months.
You never know what´s going to happen.
Thanks for keeping us informed!

ganguly sharma says:

Hi cryptospark iam from India iam new to cryptocurrencies iam following your channel it is helpfull to me to understand bitcoin.Sir my question is i have 3000$ for first investment when is right time after aug1 to buy bitcoin ? bearish?

Worthless as tits on a Board l says:

i sold all my ether earlier today for around 195 and wouldn't you know that the second that i sold ethereum started rising. we're up to almost 15 bucks since i sold. i'm not joking when i tell you that every single time that i've either bought or sold a significant amount of etheruem, bitcoin or any other coins that the second after the price reverses. i'm a great contrarian indicator. just do the opposite of what i do and you'll make a fucking killing. i predict tomorrow at this time ethereum should be around 230 and bitcoin will be 2500

1percentcash dotcom says:

Gotta Love Volatility 🙂

How To Money says:

bitcoin cash……….fail………

medbow53 says:

Great vid again and again.

Tommee Bath says:

For anyone looking for a great source of objective, non bias info. This channel is one of the absolute best on YT. Love your work my friend!

Vention1MGTOW says:

This miner fud coin bitcoin cash isn't a user activated hardfork, it's a miner activated hard fork. When you say "user activated hardfork) you're just repeating the big blocker propaganda. Or are you a big blocker?
You said what determines success of this coin is if miners get behind it. I disagree. What will determine if it succeeds is if people want to own it or not. Personally, I'm going to hold both sides of the chain just in case the chinacoin fudpackers think of some more dirty tricks to harm the original legit side of the fork.


Another great video. Following all your videos everyday from the uk. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. Learning everyday from your vids. 🙂

theAbeElement says:

I watch a lot of crypto guys on yt. There are a few of them that always have a unique perspective and talk about things no-one else talks about. You're on of them. Thanks and good luck with your channel!

Tim Chaffin says:

No doubt a sell off by whales supporting BTC, the pissing match will continue. CURRENT BTC holders will sell BCC/BCH to profit. If if doesn't crash to fast ( I want the dust to settle, don't want to take a chance in the frenzy to lise my BTC to a "technical error " ) I too will sell for profit which converts to BTC. This sell off converting to BTC will drive BTC to new record highs. At the record high, before the correction occurs , or a bit before the peak, I will be taking profit by backing the truck up to fill it with BCC/BCH.

MathisonReining says:

Bitcoin isn't going to split

Broadhurst Gardens says:

Surely It is a Miner activated hard fork not a User activated hard fork.

nimarama72 says:

You`ve gotta love this guy.. Great video, thanks..

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