Bitcoin Could Hit $1,000,000 After Crashing To $2,500! “90% of Cryptos Suck”

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Black Tiger says:

How about crashing to $2,500 and then going to $0.00 lol because that's where it will be!

neilsmith2009 says:

they aready own most of it

Alex L says:

Just LOL. Why didn t you said

EricSmyth14 says:

One time my ex told me she was going to Bangkok and I thought she was cheating on me again

VentionMGTOW says:

Nice one. I just sent another 1000 usd to my Abra app. As soon as it hits the exchange I'll flip it into bitcoin and drop it to cold storage.
This proof of keys stress test could do some crazy things. It could force exchanges to close short positions which could push the price up. There's really no way to know where this is going though. So I'll just keep adding to my stack and go on with my life.

piccirilloxx says:

589,000 BTC

Joshua Degreiff says:

I bough minimum amount Bitcoin, 1 Ethereum and 1 Litecoin. Some leap of faith! See ya in 2/3 years or beyond! I’ll have patient!

mr fool says:

Governments have military to back them but cryptocurrency does not. And govs will do anything to protect their power base. I see cryptocurrency more as a compliment to fiat not a replacement since physical force talks

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