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Today we discuss if a Bitcoin crash is coming in 2018!
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Charles Sutton says:

People leveraging for Bitcoin! Hell, the US Banks have not missed a beat. They are still handing out mortgages to anything showing a temperature.

bitcoin paidus says:

Lol wow The good ole bait and switch. You all see the links in this guys description right. I hope bitcoin drops 50% so can buy more and im sure you hope the same to

crzykid71 says:

Oh no the sky is falling! oh how terrible, people are buying bitcoin! It's just a bad idea to support something that's transparent and audit-able from the blockchain and it's users are their own bank. And don't get me started how blockstream has it's own satellites so bitcoin can't get shut down ever. We need more of that inflationary fiat that's centrally controlled and bails banks out from making dangerous and risky investments and regular citizens can pay the bill in national debt. We need more shills like you and hedgefund mangers to lead people astray while wallstreet tries to suck up as much bitcoin from the floor as possible while it's listed on cme futures this month and bitcoin will be on nasdaq in a few months. Old world/new world. Postage stamps/email. Fiat currency/blockchain technology. Thanks for not talking about blockchain technology or game theory or anything relevant as to why bitcoin could be useful for the world.

John K says:

Thanks for educating us! Appreciate discussing both sides. Good job.

ocimar lacerda says:

men . what a stupid people.. I will see a lots of people cry..

diowk says:

6:39 : lol! seriously man.. try not to do this with your hands in future videos….

Joahn Jansen says:

Maybe10 December when the future market start of btc …..but it will be not that big.

Jason Beebe says:

The argument of the greater fool goes for anything in the market, you buy ABC stock hoping someone will buy it from you at a later date at a higher price, no? Entire market is overvalued currently. You are also aware that you can spend Bitcoin too, right? You can't do that with your gold ETF or your Disney stock. New businesses accepting it almost everyday… Institutional money coming in for 2018. Anything could happen…

Jerome Ley says:

The USD has no intrinsic value either, it used to be based off how much gold the US has, but not anymore, they just print out however much they need.

Jerome Ley says:

If it crashes, I'll be buying more.

Al Masih says:

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G Harris says:

This was a terrible explanation of bitcoins. It is more based on the pure economics of supply and demand not just what someone else is will to pay you for you bitcoin. There is a finite amount of bitcoins and supply and demand for bitcoins drives it.

Sparky Cryptopass says:

Bitcoin was originally created to be a deflationary currency, in response to the 2008-2009 economic crash. Unfortunately, people decided to hold, rather than transact for a few good reasons. For example, someone buys a $14 Mug with a 2 $7 valued Bitcoins. In the week it took for the mug to arrive at the door, Bitcoin's value rose to $21. That mug just got really expensive. Today that Mug is still worth $14 or broken and trashed in anger because, the buyer could have now had $24k instead of a shitty mug, however, that purchase also supported the cause to bring Bitcoin and the Blockchain to mainstream recognition. Bitcoin's major qualities were being deflationary, having cheap transactions and, being your own bank without the need for a centralized institution in the middle. Things changed. Transaction fees have become so absurd, people have paid up to 40% of the cost of the purchase in transaction fees but, it is still deflationary and, you still own your bank account without paying a centralized institution. The reason Bitcoin is still valuable is that it is used to support the development of newer, better cryptocurrencies and blockchain based projects with better use cases and other decentralized purposes. Bitcoin is simply the first Blockchain to gain traction in the mainstream. Yes, its value is purely speculative but, it is also a finite asset for buying, selling, trading and supporting a decentralized future without middlemen. You control your bank account. Eliminate the middleman expenses. Eliminate fiat inflation… The Blockchain is going to– is changing the world.

spiritdetox says:

Goldcoin Crypto Facts:
On 02/10/17 – if you had exchanged $11.70 US Dollars for 1000 GOLDCOINS (Cost .0117 cents each) your 1000 GOLDCOINS would be worth Approximately $146.28 US Dollars today for a 1250% Gain in Value.

Layne Lucia says:

I had a buyer make an offer to buy a 5 million dollar home with Bitcoins on Lake Michigan

Pașca Alexandru says:

Debt… whomever gets into debt, over anything… deserves whatever comes to them.

Usman Saqlain says:

what did the fox say… gi gi gi grapes are sour…..

Raymond Garcia says:

Great video man. So true about the hedge fund point. Economic market may be the thing to watch when it comes to bitcoin… however, it is becoming SO INTERNATIONAL… I don't see one market bubble pop coming anywhere close to the 50% bubble number you placed on a "pop" for Bitcoin. Transactions and use are steady. I don't see that slowing down. Bullish numbers like this only increase transactions and therefore increase the value of Bitcoin.

Mario Martin Šakić says:

u all suck its NWO

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