Bitcoin Crash : Crypto Crash Explained | DON’T PANIC

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Bitcoin Crash! The entire crypto currency market is crashing! Why did this happen, what caused this and what should we do? In this video, I give my opinion.

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0:01 Bitcoin Crash

0:03 Crypto Crash

0:05 Bitcoin Is Crashing

0:10 How Low Will Bitcoin Go

0:30 Bitcoin Bubble Pop

0:42 Bitcoin Price Drop

1:16 Bitcoin Crashing

2:19 Bitcoin

2:25 Bitcoin Crash January 2018

2:59 Bitcoin Crash 2018

3:01 Bitcoin Crash January 16

3:00 Bitcoin Crash 1/16/18

3:03 Crypto Market Crash

3:05 Cryptocurrency Crash

3:07 Crypto Crash


Jay Crypto says:

WE SHALL ALL HODL! This bitcoin crash shall pass, and soon, we will all be stoked that we HODLd or cryptocurrency 🙂

Kerim Temel says:

You can’t make money if you don’t have losers, if the market was an equal game no one will make money.

Hottman Namsom says:

Options ??? We all talk about it..not knowing which options to invest in …to make it big….winning big and high is what am known for ….binary option trade and bitcoin investment. New options to success


lets say i buy 500$ worth of bitcoin and the price goes lower do i get back my 500$ worth whenever it goes back up or is my money all gone as soon as the price goes down?

thereal josh says:

It will keep falling, so keep adveraging down losing your money . Get robinhood, ameritrade , charles schwab, learn to actually trade not be a trend

Consistently Random says:

I was so close to buying Bitcoin or Monero these last few weeks because I thought this would be the year financial planners really started getting people to invest in crypto. Glad I waited.

Chams Azhari says:

Hi, mr jay what news of crypto..?

Internet Hobo says:

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Mrs. Anderson says:

share your little happiness to me

brian conway says:

Yes you would be wise to panic…Dont be one of the last Bitcoin Chumps…buy RIPPLE XRP…You know it makes sense

howard thomasbey says:

Indeed I agree with you Mr.Denny even Bill Gates has confidence in it.?

Rhymes With Fiat says:

Bitcoin "crashes" every January… if you're playing the long-term, no problem.

malton0 says:

Pump and dump big money.Forget about it value i consider it an emergency place if my currency of choice goes in free fall

Elizabeth Burrows says:

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no such thing as getting rich on bitcoin or any crypto…..only a dumb ass will buy or hold bitcoin right now…..bitcoin will go down more……i promise….you all bought garage

gstylez0107 says:

It doesn't matter what holders think it's worth, of course you guys are going to claim there's value in it.. problem for you is; once people realize how useless Bitcoin Really is, you'll be the ones stuck holding the hot potato…

Noah Corbucci says:

Buy it now! 😉

Sunny Foo says:

Reality set in,,,,,$0.00000000????????

raboito says:

Get out of the cryptos while you still can.

The Traveller says:

Very good vid. Helped me a lot. Keep on goingt! THANK YOU

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