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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are taking another leg down. Facebook banning crypto adds, Futures recently expired, Tether subpoena and other negative news are probably affecting the price altogether. Nevertheless the second layer solution Lightning Network is evolving fast. Also the Mempool (unconfirmed transactions) is empty but there are no news about that on CNBC at all. Coincidence?

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Harv UK says:

price is going back to sub $1000. just saying.

Steve Robert says:

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Caner Izci says:

You look like Brandon Flowers from The Killers 😀

shade7210 says:

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krisss krisztina says:

Bitcoin will go under 5k .. but in 2019 will go over 50k.

Danny Houston says:

You don't understand the market. Just point out a rational market for me. Pump and dump as you put it is what you should all be doing, it's also know as trading. Maybe if enough people listen to your uploads they will start doing what you think they should. Or perhaps, it's the market that decides the price and it's you being irrational by holding on to coin in a bear market waiting for an upturn. I will leave that for you to figure out. Good luck

onq s konq says:

ffs when ill can buy fkin 1060

chad graves says:

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Riccardo Faggiana says:

when did the crash happen? I did not notice it .. I bought at € 500 and now it is € 7000. I do not know what you mean by crash .. if you're referring to the pump dump you're wrong it's not a crash it's pump dump! the usual fake news to click on the shoulders of the bitcoin. people like you are ruining bitcoin, greedy, ready to exploit anything .. Thanks for rowing against..

Baby Jeebus says:


Goran Salopek says:

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Daniel Kelso says:

Christ, that’s right, yes Buffett did say that. The price will always adjust to the value….. Considering only 1% of Bitcoin transactions are for actual commerce, a bitcoin price of 1 to 2k is probably more accurate….
But to hell with that. Back to the speculation please!! 🚀😃

Spirit of white Christmas says:

The investigations concerning tether are having an effect on the drop of bitcoin. Most likely tether does not have the money to back the billions of tether coins/backed by dollars, it has released to purchase bitcoin driving the price up. My investments are in the technology behind crypto and not the price.

Zac Crow says:

Careful with these gurus. NONE of them save for 1 or 2 are actually guys I'd listen to for advice…

Most of these fegs have shilled for bitconnect or told people buying at 16k was a great plan.

I've been telling people to sell out and wait for the dust to clear for at least 3 weeks.

I havnt cashed out crypto for 3 years and I had to rethink that when ether touched 1200

The Rolls Royce Trent says:

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Tuck Buckford says:

Ripple is thousands of times faster than bitcoin and a thousand times cheaper the bitcoin to settle a transaction.

Tito Diaz says:

It fell 1000% yes it beyond rational.

Callandor says:

You poor guys. It is quite rational, crypto's are the biggest bubble in history, now is getting to closer to real value, zero, like the classic bubble tulip bulbs. Buffet, various leading economist etc warned against crypto's.

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