Bitcoin Crashing!! But Currently Oversold! | Bearish vs. Bullish Case! [Bitcoin Today]

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Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin/Crypto News Today: The Bitcoin price is still crashing. Where is the bottom and can we expect a bounce? I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a price prediction for the coming days and weeks. Is the triple bottom still valid? Also, Tim Draper is very bullish on Bitcoin, which we will talk about, so watch the video to find out more!

1:36 Triple Bottom Update
6:31 1 Hour Chart (Short Term Update)
8:51 Bulls & Bears
10:05 Bitcoin Is VERY Oversold!
13:16 Resistance & The Bearish People
16:20 Bitcoin & Crypto News

Tim Draper Article:
Tim Draper Wikipedia:
Bitcoin vs. Fiat currency Image:


The Moon says:

1:36 Triple Bottom Update
6:31 1 Hour Chart (Short Term Update)
8:51 Bulls & Bears
10:05 Bitcoin Is VERY Oversold!
13:16 Resistance & The Bearish People
16:20 Bitcoin & Crypto News

Rudolph William says:

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salman ihsan says:

21st june bull start

eserve 247 says:


AstralProjection says:

This guy doesn't know shit.

Ako Pogi says: try it

Obedience to flow says:

If you can count your number of Bitcoin on one hand, or one digit, of one finger, keep your eye on the ball. The ball is Bitcoin!

Obedience to flow says:

How much is one Bitcoin? One Bitcoin. The price you pay for a slice now, is still a slice of one Bitcoin. If your here like myself, it may have to do with the real bubble, fiat currencies. Not sure what that means, google World Debt Clock, USA, reserve currency Debt clock, and check out your nation. Once fiats pop, Venezuela visits world currencies. How much will s Bitcoin be worth? One Bitcoin. How much will your fiat buy? I don’t know, but my $$$ would bet, a lot less than it buys now. 17 million divided by projected millionaires in 2020, won’t be one Bitcoin each. What would a failing currency want in its basket for stability? Unlimited printing fiat, or one, or more Bitcoin? So many questions, so little Bitcoin. Enjoy the ride!

Jarmo Isotalo says:

I have an interesting observation with regards to general market actions; the smallest changes in e.g ZEC mining profitability tend to happen just before significant price actions. Especially aggregated rough monthly estimates.

Evert Baptist says:

14k within a few weeks isnt it. LOL

Hum Shak says:

did this guy just say BTC could drop to $500. You literally just said that there's a chance that cryptocurrency will die forever. Because I guarantee you that if it reaches $5oo then crypto is DONE

hans rio says:

free 50 coin -+@0.000134500 btc / coin… will be launching on 16 of june.. grab it fast

raymond nichols says:

Firesale today! I bought so many coins at bargain prices. 1-2 years before the cryptos recover..oh well, I can wait and accumulate more.

Spoder Man says:

Cringe analysis

M. Ibrahim says:

500 USD 🙁 this is disaster, its impossible because the cost of mining is way far than 500, 1BTC mining cost from 3000-5000 USD depends on the country and electricity rate, unless we are facing a cold market freezes everything, what do you think Carl?

MyGman68 says:

Looks like the very bearish downward pendant formation is occurring, could go down hard from here, no real support

MyGman68 says:

Down again. It is still not too late to pull out and wait for the bargain of a lifetime.

MyGman68 says:

Down again as I said. Wake up people. The cartel will wipe you all out . It is better to wait till the bull market starts. No-one with any common sense will buy into a falling market. Better to wait or short the market to help perpetuate / speed up the fall to the bottom.

Micky Zhang says:

As I left the comment 2 months ago, it is a bearish market we will have a year-long bear market and long term we have not even reach the oversold yet. Look for 4K for a long term bottom

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