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DON’T WORRY GUYS! With this crash there will no doubt be a bull run coming in Feb 2018 for crypto. HODL your coins and stay strong!

Take everything i say as pure entertainment value only. Do not take any financial advice from me at all. I am not a financial advisor, I am only documenting my crypto journey for others to watch. With every investment platform, altcoin or program there are a lot of risks. Know what you’re getting into and do your own research first!


James Roy says:

Haha retards, guess what? Virtual currencies aren't worth shit and it's very prone to rapid crashes to 0, I told you years ago, lmao, gg well played

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Grant Lai says:

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Power Hour Podcast says:

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Hamed Ali says:

partially due to time of year, however it crashed bad and the news is available to explain why.

some one says:

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Logan Becker says:

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Derrick Brannon says:

What’s Nebulos? It’s a shame that Ripple and TRON suck so bad. Good call.

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