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#Bitcoin trader Crypto Face stops by to explain how he easily nailed the last three moves for #BTC and why he is still super bullish!!
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DISCLAIMER: Crypto Zombie is not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Everything said in this video is the sole opinion of those who appear in it. The statements in this video are not investment or trading advice. This video is intended solely for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. Always do your own research before investing. Trading cryptocurrencies is extremely risky. Do not trade on any exchange that prohibits trading from your geographical region. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Crypto Zombie is not responsible for your losses or gains as a result of buying, selling, or trading cryptocurrencies. This video, description and/or comments may contain affiliate links. By utilizing any of the these links you are helping to support the channel as we do receive a commission. Thank you for your support!

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Crypto Zombie says:

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Pedro Alves says:

Awesome video ! 😀

Christopher Tomlinson says:

wow thanks with that interview with crypto face

Ian Christopher Garcia says:

Crypto is the future!

Richard May says:

take your stupid mask off

Damian Sloper says:

sorry couldn't watch this shit !

jay jol says:

Great stuff

JB Paldash says:

nice to see again crypto face 🙂

Big Strong Guy says:

man so great, an episode at 9.00am europe central time with coffee

Digital Trademine says:

Bitcoin is the future…. Now is the best time to invest

Cpt. Future says:

why wearing mask? idiot.

M Buffalo says:

To the moon

Remco laken says:

Hey guy with the mask , look for wim hof and discover how extremely important it is for your health to breath air the right way. Wim hof has set 26 world records because of his breathing method and also knowing how to breath correctly troughout the whole day. It can heal you of many disseases , but that mask is going to do completly to opposite to your health in the long term , good luck, and good luck to anyone using a mask to combat covid. Its a complete hoax you are believing in thats going to make many people sick and have disseases that they would not have if they would not believe in this worldwide hoax set up by bill gates and his rich friends

Marcel Kromwijk says:

better a late video than no video…

haplon says:

Great vid, as ever ;D

Harris says:

I wear a mask to hide an angry big juicy spot 😉 great interview and content again keep up the excellent work. 😁

Ruifsnowman says:

Right on the target man😲, Btc to the 🚀moon 🌛 ledger me 👍

stephenie leeson says:

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MFI, MACD,RSI, and supertrend mashed together. but good indicator

Jack jacko says:

What about matic network coin…. What is your views on it I have invested around 1000 dollars in it…. Please guide. Thanks

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