Bitcoin flirting with $8000 but that not the big story!

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Bitcoin buyNsell says:

I talked to a unicorn ,

Thai Hoang says:

its not a bubble. Ya'll afraid.

Richard stenkson says:

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Ugo Okonkwo says:

Bitcoin has crossed $8000. Incredible!

Kurdish Investor says:

Lightning network my ass… how are you doing transactions off the blockchain? Bitcoin Cash all the way up

Passport2Riches Network says:

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Steven Barnes says:

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dol bar says:

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Ronald Fadehan says:

Anybody 0.005 btc leftover?(+/-15$) I want to invest but the minimum requirement is 100$ and I only have 70$ :/


No.2 Radu says:


Tuck Buckford says:

Anyone new to Bitcoin should realise that when the price starts to collapse you wont be able to sell !… At $8000+ a pop that could be tragic for you

Ali shafa says:

For winning

Mark Lance says:

What does TRUMP think of this?

felix Garcia says:

is this legit? seems too good to be true 😕 anyone tried?

dirar msakni says:

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Nic Parker says:

Last of the 2017 are going. Here is the link. I got a few. Some are like 25K now.

Victor Efughi says:

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