Bitcoin Fork? What is Bitcoin Cash? Is this the end?

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How to protect yourself against the new bitcoin fork and how bitcoin cash will change the way bitcoin is used!


TJ says:

This video = clueless paranoid chicken without a head not knowing which direction to go to. Don't be so pessimistic about the future of bitcoin. Btc Cash is just another alt coin forking off of bitcoin like hundreds of other alt coins already have. Bitcoin will always be the dominant crypto, it has stood many test of time and proved it self and prevailed higher and stronger every time and it will continue to do so. Still 2 more days before Aug 1st and price is rising quickly already close to $2,800. And NO you are not a "realist", you are a pessimist and your lack of knowledge fails to see the bigger picture which makes u fall for smallest things that again makes u a paranoid chicken without a head not knowing which direction t go to. Unsubscribed.

Matt Mortenson says:

Hopefully Lite coin takes over?

John d says:

Multiple bitcoins will dilute the value of bitcoin and it will dissapear within 3 years.

Zorn101 says:

Oh! the FEELZ!

Kolten says:

Smh… This is all getting frustrating. Miners trying to go against what Bitcoin is supposed to stand for.

Brad Edgeworth says:

Is kraken going to honor the fork? Is it ok to keep btc on kraken?

Douglas Taylor says:

No way the community is split. I'd say more like 90/10

Dmitry Bu says:

Man this drama is killing my ETH holdings. BCC just needs to go away.

Dennis Harmsen says:

These BCC guys are creation a new alt coin which is already implemented in DASH or LTC. Totally obsolete. This is just political.

Chad Guest says:

I like to sit and observe the market. If the market can find a use for bitcoin cash, which I think is highly possible, then Bitcoin cash can definitely compete. With instant scalability resolved and the low fees and quick transactions again. I can see more velocity of movement with merchants. I expect Bitcoin Cash to remain around 400 dollars for a few weeks while the neewbies sell. The First adopters who hold most of the bitcoin will likely hold Bitcoin Cash and possibly purchase more while it is affordable. Expect the whales to float by.. The crypto sphere is still infinitesimal! So there is huge space for competition.

Anomaly 123 says:

F$#@ bitcoin…go Litecoin

Michael M says:

Sell your btc cash as soon as possible before it disappears 🙂

John G says:

Coinbase stated that they will not support Bitcoin cash. They won't even allow you to withdraw it when it splits! Wow!

Dynosaur Rokks says:

Bitcoin >> 100 of the smartest minds on the globe in charge.

BitcoinCash >> 2 crooks trying to scam bitcoin

Ethcobar says:

Great insight, thanks mate.

Andrew Mark says:

This is a good opportunity of get in on ether – Everything has slowed down and people are just holding and hoping, remember a lot of these people are new to crypto. After August 1st people will breath a huge sigh of relief and the markets will get moving again.

Yestur Junak says:

Why are you spreading the FUD. Segwit allows for Lightning network + many improvements.
Its obvious that miners want their version (BCC) to keep the profits for them ….
Why are you saying segwit its slow ? BCC is only plastering the issue by increasing block size.

Kaybe23 says:

Everyone just go for litebitcoin… Best of the best 😉

Gowtham V says:

I think i missed the buy area bitcoin is up again to 2700$ 🙁

marvelv212 says:

West can do what they want by themselves. East owns Bitcoin.

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