Bitcoin Futures Signaling Bull Market!! | CNBC Fast Money

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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 news
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James huffman says:

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Hope for all says:

Look, I, uh, bitcoin, well, look, it's, well, I don't know,. Look, its a matter of, well, it's not, I dunno. Look…

BlackMagic553 says:

when you say "blow up" can you be more specific? I'm putting you on the spot to make a prediction! How high ?

Crypto Crib says:

I hope your right, but I'm learning that hope don't float in crypto. Until it does. Figure that one out.

Chuckylove A says:

Have to disagree, we are getting sucked in by big guys!! MANIPULATION !!!

Bass Boost Mobile says:

BUY ETH!! extremely under valued. eth is the lifeblood of most icos.

Jimmy lee says:

I'm sorry, but we have NOT broken the downtrend yet. Frustrating to see this because people will blindly follow this advice. Are these people trying to burn others out of their money? The futures and media are NOT signals for another bull run.

Scott Shaffer says:

I enjoy your videos, but how does a channel like yours stand against a channel like this one these guys Joe and Randal do video after video indicating the rest of the crypto channels are wrong. Their videos always show charts along with detailed explanations on why they're right and everyone else is wrong, and before I go too far with this, allow me to point out the lion share of their videos indicate we are in a BEAR market and that anyone/channel that says otherwise is wrong.

I appreciate the efforts of every channel operator in getting the word out about crypto, but when you factor Bitraged's position against the possibility that other channels could be motivated by views and monetization, how is anyone who's not a market expert really supposed to know…….

Binh Nguyen says:

It’s going lower man. Look at the dips on the 23rd and again on the 26th. Every spike comes with a lower dip.

Truth Hunter says:

love your video's keep it up

Donald Trump says:

Do you know what a smegma is? You know we have to build the wall to avoid more smegmas coming into

bitcoin market. yea

shivercanada says:

Confederacy of Dunces hard at work on the news clip. If you spent time looking at the VOLUME and where it was coming from, you'd know it's going up because of MANIPULATION…PERIOD.

Omotayo Bello says:

Stop posting old video fuck sake. I will stop following you now

Nice Tunes says:

what a tool!
we go down baby to $5k- timestamp.
buy low and then HOLD
no shorting recommended.


dude stop posting old ass info like sits new info lol in crypto 4 hours is a week lol gotta stay up to date n dish out info asap if u wanna stay ahead of the pack! jus sayen

Holy Thor says:

2 trillion cap end 2018

Darrell Aubrey says:

I think you have a great perspective on the crypto asset class as a whole. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Titus O. Miles says:

Summer rush

justina Darius says:

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100% Homemade Gharelu Nuskhe says:

Means we gonna have bear market

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