Bitcoin – Game Over??? Google Predicts $BTC Price of…

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Cryptocurrency News Live Today: ‘Game Over’: Wall Street Analyst Says Bitcoin Must Not Breech Year-To-Date Support. Today’s Close Could be Pivotal for Bitcoin’s Price. Google Search Can Predict Bitcoin Price Increases, Study Finds. We’ve entered a time when some fiats are far less stable than Bitcoin – Turkish Lira drops 20% in one day. Cryptocurrencies to Constitute 5% of US Investment Pool in 2019 : Survey. Grayscale Investments Reveals $90M Bet on Ethereum Classic (ETC). Nano (NANO) Updates: $5,750 Treasure Hunt In London And Amazing NANO Community Efforts. NEM launches blockchain HUB. Volkswagen uses IOTA, Bitcoin and Ethereum. AMA with Quantstamp.

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Hakan Y says:

Mate, thanks for pronouncing Brisbane correctly and not as Bris-Bane like most Americans do. On ya Cobba, done well!

djpaulywood says:

hodl and elbow the like button 😛

Crypto Blockhead says:

The T shirt is becoming allusive

John Davison says:

T-shirt pretty please. 👕

Longshot133 says:

I cant wait for scammers to go to jail

TG M says:

Bitcoin Price will Raise again, Dont worry…

Francesco34pro says:

yo i want a t-shirt bro!

nicole cloutier says:

Nice T-shirt line !!!!☆☆☆☆

john mac says:

i need to you sell the t shirt on ebay to cover my lost cover my lost!!!

Quality Design Apparel says:

Funny Dude! I like your style!

jasmin Duclos B. says:

t-shirt PLEaZzzzzzzZ!

jay miller says:

ive lost all my money lol,,cant afford a shirt!

Tom Hutchison says:

It's not game over. But it will probably get a lot uglier. I don't think there will be any real recovery until the end if the year, maybe even into next year

Dupiash 80NU5 says:

Whale market

planefixer777 says:

What up with that?. It says your telegram group is full. That just isn’t right Crypto love

abtuben says:

Todays news: no news today! Keep making up news man

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Ken C says:

Just like the great search engines when the internet got started


Then came Google and they all became dinosaurs. Crypto is the future but I think the first generation of crypto will all become dinosaurs. Something will come along and replace all current cryptos. That will be the new world currency. Mostly owned by international banks. I think Bitcoin will be like Yahoo! It’s still around but for over shadowed by something much more efficient.

PitManNCB says:

good beard mate.have you seen aircions app? pokemon go for crypto. pass it on pls:)

Chris Win says:

Sonic Hurricane Boom Shakalaka! ⬅ (Hodling for at least 2 sec), ➡, ⬅, ➡, + HP

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