Bitcoin Going to 100K in 2018? | Bitcoin Price Prediction

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Bitcoin Going to 100K in 2018? | Bitcoin Price Prediction

2018 is officially here, and many people have varying opinions about what the future holds for bitcoin. Bitcoin reached many milestones in 2017; reading all time high after all time high and overcoming many obstacles. However, some are pointing to the issues with the Bitcoin network such as slow confirmation times and expensive transaction fees as a sign that the system will be unable to scale to more users over the long term. In this video, I share my thoughts on the future of Bitcoin! Enjoy 🙂

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Crypt0Crew says:

Hey just caught your Vid. Happy New Year… Go check out the FUNK.

Mike Oxlong says:

Clearly entering a longterm bear trend. maybe in 2019. but 2018 wont be bitcoins year

Crypto Addicts says:

Bitcoin Going to 162K in 2018, NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTIONS FOR 2018

Gary Mute says:

Wrote a little article about the blockchain revolution, worth a read:

devin johnson says:

hey your excel spreadsheet on hashflare inst correct. the reinvest in TH is still at 150 per unit and not the 220. could you tell me how to fix this or could you release and updated one

javiletsgo says:

Join the most powerful V.i.p pump group in Cali before they make it private

Ryan Soderberg says:

If anyone is interested in Altcoin pumps this discord has over 60,000 people in it and has a pumped planned for Jan 3rd lot's of money to be made

ReiGnJuste says:

100k in 2018?
I dont think so.
But on the other hand i was not expecting it to shoot at 18000.
Lol so yeah bitcoin is crazy who knows

Matt Senkow says:

censorship abound!

Shiznutsz says:

Dunno man, I think 50k would be really pushing it already.
Better to place your eggs in the altcoin basket.
There's still some crazy coins waiting to trully pop there.

John Doe says:

A lot of people are gonna lose lots of money. There is no more money to be made off of this crazy train.

Chang Lee says:

ONIX coin is a great prediction for 2018. Thank you

Peter Muszka says:

Make your calculations first.
For Bitcoin worth 58,000 $ it’s market cap would need to rise to 1 trillion. Compare the many fast, cheap, smart Ethereum tokens, incredible upcoming projects with this slow Bitcoin with high fees, many suspicious forks and without any extras or features and you will see it’s true value. Making transaction verifications difficult on purpose, without adding security, speed or features, just increasing transaction time is dumb. From now on you will see it decreasing all the way to the bottom.

Ken Semotiuk says:

Jay crapto, be lucky if bitcoin continues trading between $10000 and $15,000 in the new year
The banksters want bitcoin dead and gone. How they will do it is, their trader's will continue to short sell bitcoin contract's over time.
They will convert bitcoin customer's to ripple customers through purchasing incentives throughout 2018. Ultimately, bitcoin will become last year's news!

rick monreal says:

Happy new year!

Roberto Zijlstra says:

next stop ,001

Peter Meissnitzer says:

Yes happy new year…. never forget governments have seized GOLD before , and they could again YES and silver , so what is the safe haven for the general public …. BITCOIN of course .

Scappo Offcourse says:

I think in the future, Bitcoin will be used for buying huge things like houses/ property etc. While things like Litecoin will be used for smaller purchases like cars/ boats/ motorbikes etc.

Fiat won't be getting replaced anytime soon so you'll be using good old USD to buy your coffee and banana for the remainder of your days.

Fantasticus says:

How do I buy bitcoin while I'm underaged?

LastchaosUSA says:

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