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logic2win says:

Great Video plus channel ?? Are you on Steemit ? ☕️

Inteser Alam says:

is there any chance of a fall in price before the upsurge? Can't really get in at such high price…waiting for the price to fall a bit :/

Cláudio Andrade says:

We need to spread some fud to prevent it to buy more cheap btc

Tal Rasha says:

Yes, you forgot to mention that 2x MB blocks hard fork is coming in around november. That can be a bit tricky in terms of price

Titan says:

Good to see a rally the day after! Keep the great predictions coming

bin do says:

THE WHALEs doing HODl campagin on DAR ( exchange bittrex ) right now , the whales are with us , what are you waiting for ? BUY then HOLD , do not sell = ez profit.

Warriors Way 366 says:

awesome video……….keeping my eye on the last few months of the year, but I think 6K is reasonable.

Rick Get Em says:

did you guys hear the new bitcoin song? Oflow – Bitcoin

Micky Browne says:

Just subscribed good show this guy is knowledgeable about bitcoin. Some of the new channels on YouTube haven't a clue.

Carl Haugen says:

Fantastic to see a short and snappy video from you! Hope to see more of those, instead of the hour plus ones I never have the time for 🙂

Ash Vecchio says:

Need to put pressure on Coinbase. Pls comment/like so they see that we the people are watching and will hold them accountable:

geemarcus says:

Todd has been tweeting expectation for a pullback. Does he still think so?

geemarcus says:

Please help me out here. If BTC increases rapidly as you expect, do the other coins tend to become worth less BTC, or do they tend to hold their relative value, generally speaking? In other words, are altcoins worth holding while BTC rallies?

Cryptology says:

I think if we get SegWit2X and lightning with no fork, it could go even higher, but then again nobody really knows.

BzzApps says:

Changed my BTC to BCC a couple of days ago and just made out like a bandit on the 40% bump today. Expect it to go lower so I can rinse and repeat.

David Tapia says:

hahaha freaked me out with the title I wasn't able to watch the video because there was no good internet connection so I just went to the exchange and sold everything and bought BTC hahaha!!!

Ronald Atila says:

Thank you for sharing your prediction.

Burger HODL says:

Possible Bitcoin hardfork in November might send price down?

Owen Hatfield says:

I think Matt is being very conservative here too! haha Bottomline: BTC up!

aditya isfahani says:

segwit 2x fud coming up

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