Bitcoin Gold Demystified (Fork Date, Exchange Support, Premine)

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Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a movement to fork bitcoin and create a new cryptocurrency. The new coin, BitcoinGold, will use GPUs for mining instead of specialized hardware know as ASICs. This can potentially allow Bitcoin to be more decentralized. In this video I talk about how to make sure you get Bitcoin Gold, Exchange support and the Premine. “premine” is where developers will exclusively min the first 8000 blocks, creating 100,000 Bitcoin Gold for themselves.
0:25 Bitcoin gold Concept
1:15 Bitcoin Fork and Date
1:39 How to get Bitcoin Gold
2:10 Exchange Support
3:25 Bitcoin Gold Premine

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Boxmining says:

Official Website:
0:25 Bitcoin gold Concept
1:15 Bitcoin Fork and Date
1:39 How to get Bitcoin Gold
2:10 Exchange Support (Sorry I talked about this twice)
3:25 Bitcoin Gold Premine
5:47 What I think of Bitcoin Gold

Crypto Dil says:

Gold may turn out to be bronze, we will see!

Coinmarket SWOT says:

The forks are answers to the arrogance of current core team. Meaning, current developers dismiss the urgency to scale Bitcoin and to decentralize. The host of this show can dismiss every fork as he wants, but the clear message is the need to get Bitcoin out of this hijacked situation. Transaction time hours and hours, with high fees. The usability is a nightmare to the common public. Meanwhile, all the self proclaimed experts has become zombies with big big blind spots to the problem. The price is nice, so they are damn right to fork and there will be thousands of forks. Mark my word.

Simply Connected says:

BTrash went from over 0.2BTC to 0.06BTC, and is falling to zero, so that says everything about these trashy forks. The people who are putting up the money are the enemies of Bitcoin and are willing to pay hard cash to destroy it (and these are the ones covering Roger Ver's $4M bet with Charlie Lee – if you think that's Roger's own money you are mistaken). Unfortunately for them a lot of that cash goes straight into the wallets of the real BTC holders – thank you! Bring on more and more trashy forks – and we will collect! Meanwhile BTC will soar to new heights, whilst the trash coins will be ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT METHODS NOWHERE! This does nothing but strengthen Bitcoin and enrich Bitcoin holders – its fantastic! Bitcoin is one really, REALLY smart idea!

Akh121 121 says:

For coinbase users this is what i got told by coinbase :

Any customer with a Bitcoin balance on Coinbase at the time of the fork will be credited with an equal amount of the Bitcoin2x asset on the Bitcoin2x blockchain. No action is required—we will automatically credit your account. So, if you have 5 Bitcoin stored on Coinbase before the fork; you will have 5 Bitcoin and 5 Bitcoin2x following the event.

Hope this is helpful

ThoObe says:

I hope Bitcoin dies slowly so that the whole market can move on.

Academy Finacial says:

Is income derived from cryptocurrencies taxable???

malthus101 says:

Every Bitcoin "expert" has been saying, October 25th! October 25th! Yet…………. the fork has already happened according to the countdown timer? So WTF?


I will like to send you a link to a new coin exchange and wallet that I am looking at obtaining. How do I do that. Do not want to post here. Thank you….love this channel, my fav!

K. R. says:

Are you going to make a video talking about Bitquence ?

Jon Smith says:

Correction for you, Musicoin uses Ethash algorithm (formally Daggar – Hashimoto), the same algorithm as Ethereum not Zcash.

MG Invest says:

Hi, I have bitcoins already more than one month on Coinbase and i have transferred my Bitcoins to hardware wallet only 1 hour ago as i thought fork will happen on 25 October. Can i also claim Bitcoin gold or am i too late?

Joseph Van Name says:


Bhagyesh Hanumante says:

hey man please make a video on Mcap token its currently no.5th on top Ethereum token

DJCJ512 says:

I disagree, I am just treating all of these forks as creation of just another ALT, nothing more BITCOIN is STILL KING ( and since i don't have hardly any Please help a cutie out 😉

Ed says:

You and all other you-tubers need to stop talking incorrect statements. Miners are not centralised, you need to learn what centralisation means then apply that to the case scenario. Something is centralised when there is someone having power over decision making over others. Miners and mining hardware manufacturers have no such power, users also have no such power, and same goes for developers.

Core are the only party (group of people) that are trying to centralise Bitcoin (now SegWit coin as Core changed structure of the Bitcoin with SegWit, therefore it is no longer Bitcoin system, it is now SegWit system, and the coins are SegWit coins) by trying to force their decision making onto miners, as well as users. Core are trying to force miners into accepting only their version of code and not what miners have been asking for, for years (increasing block size) and they are trying to force users into going into their SegWit system and leaving Bitcoin system, and then when they get their Lighting ready, to go into Lighting, and Lighting is in its nature a centralised system).

I would hope more people would pick up and TALK about these facts, and not just feed the unaware users into accepting Core's narrative as truth, as it is far from truth. People need to get both sides of the story, not just one, if they are to even make an informed and unbiased decision. Listening to only one side guarantees that users will not get the truth, and will be misinformed and, quite frankly, brainwashed (as this is what brainwashing means, it means having no real counter arguments and only getting one sided narrative, which is if you noticed, how States use MSM to push their social engineering agenda, Core are using exact same tactics and you-tubers that make daily videos are acting like MSM now)

Alex Leung says:

I personally think Bitcoin would be better off on Equihash because not only ASICs should be mining. Hard-forking Bitcoin is a good thing, because it will push core bitcoin developers to stop being jerks who only listen to the people who control the most hash-power who are making bitcoin more and more centralized. If Bitcoin Core was more devoted to the original intent behind Bitcoin then Bitcoin Gold would not have been able to get away with their pre-mine. I hope more forks come until the corrupt devs are removed or until a better alt-coin overtakes it.

Dirk Swart says:

You are saying in the video that Music coin uses Equihash Algo. It does not. It uses Ethash Algo like ETH and UBIQ

Alex G says:

Will you get BTG if its on cold storage?

prazertv says:

I don't know why people keep saying that the forks are bad for Bitcoin. What do you think has been propelling BTC to all of these new all time highs? The forks have been the stimulus. Were it not for these forks, we might still be in the 3K range. The next fork is going to push BTC to a new ATH. Secondly, there is only 1 Bitcoin and everything else is Bitcoinxxxx. How is someone going to be confused? If they want to buy Bitcoin, they'll buy Bitcoin, if they want Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold, then they'll buy those. I think that the sleeper in the bunch and least spoken about coin is Bitcore BTX. Unless Bitcoin loses its name, there won't be any confusion as to who the king of the crypto space is.

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