Bitcoin Has Bounced Once Again… Will This One Be Sustained?

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Данил Безруков says:

Get rid of this rubbish 16J885wyxRDU35nyut4XoQ3p8KgqdeUKq

luiz gustavo nevis says:

The new elderhash miner already gives you 150 GH / s to start mining without any investment, registration link

Hope4Today9 Now says:

1:37 Learning Trading
2:43 Weekly Chart (weekly hammer forming)
6:44 Daily Chart (massive Price Range and Volume)
10:49 200 MA Textbook support & resistance
12:30 Four Hour Chart (15:00 secondary lows)
15:47 Hourly Chart interrupted
17:27 One Hour Chart resumed (Random price flips … continue the count)
22:26 7600 is now resistance (stagnated?)
22:53 SPX S&P 500
25:57 Questions (29:56 "Dead Bear Bounce" a term coined by Mr. Vays)
38:14 Back to the Four Hour Chart
38:45 Monthly Chart
42:11 LA Meetup with Tone FEB 12 6-9 Pm $25 cover.

Qatoshi M. says:

Thanks Tone!

Joakim Holmer says:

Bitcoin WAS great like KODAK and MySpace. The future is a different story. I dont buy or hold BTC anymore. I buy and hold coins that will represent the future. NEO.

360Tori says:

I have been tracking the movement on the 3 minute chart and have been deadly accurate with predicting potential floors or bounces, I use prior strong resistance points to somewhat trace the upward movement but with not quite the same accuracy. Any suggestions or are 3 minute charts too small to project out?

Robert Berman says:

Bitcoin Community question
How is it possible to compete with the Federal reserves printing press that's continuously printing free money ?

Can we trust the federal reserve to document every bit of money that they printing and place into the system ?

The recent Governments meeting discussing centralisation seem to cone and has been easy on the cryptos, why? Is it the governments way to move slowly preparing us for centralisation ?Are they preparing another pump dump crash in order to implement it?

It is my belief that the Federal reserve is fraudulently printing money and placing it into Bitcoin – crypto currencies The Stock Markets and other Financial assets globally while pumping it then eventually withdrawing it in hope Of causing widespread panic selling in order to implement centralisation.

What can we as a world Community do about this?

Ebrelus says:

Remember that you have loss only when you sell with loss…. when you sell bitcoin you don't have that bitcoin anymore and looking at long term chart chances to buy bitcoin cheaper are not so often. There is no other asset that gave so high returns so fast. If you buy buy only as much as you can keep for year not touching it. If you sell is it wise to sell with loss? Not really. We have history in making now. So many people will learn now more about bitcoin. For many it will be expensive lesson and better if they would remember it long because it's not the last time and history repreats and surprises so many people over and over. And it's hard to say if you should be sad or laugh of it.

Sharizam says:

Up to the moon we go! can't wait to go to $10K again. I recommend the Binance exchange:

Francisco Rodriguez says:

It was the committee hearing cause the bounce, ppl were afraid more bad news coming out which may have drop the price to 5500, Tone , you have to realize news do move markets.

Max's Cognac Review says:

Do you play poker?

Alberto Junior says:

altcoins conferences are really important for someone like you. Cryptoscam is really important either (yeah, I know you work a lot and thank you for that). the community needs it.

Josh says:

Recovered >30% from 6K. Bitcoin is now set for another run!!! Go Go Go!!!

J de G says:

BACK TO THE MUTHAFUXKINF MOON BABY 😬😕😬😆😢😆😕😦😇😦😠😦😤😤😤😢😤😧😕😢😢😑😴😑😴😆😐😠😤👵👻👻👥💂🎅💂👮👲👮💝👍💝👍💝👊💝✌☝👊💘👊👊✊👏✋👌✋👍💚💘👊👍

Effortless.IT says:

Having been ripped off by nearly every affiliate marketing company I have ever used, this one uses the blockchain brilliantly!

Azad Khan says:

There is no charge to ICO register and you receive 100 TLC token just for signing up!
See you on the inside!

Bigin Bigout says:

just buy

then forget it at less 2 year

do not follow the big fish play game.

if we invest for long term
this big fish can not make ton of money any more.

do not support tether and bitfinex
their only think profit only

Bigin Bigout says:

this is tether play game

go for long term investment

daved PrimeDice says:

loving that background music 🙂

Youtubeforcedme says:

Tone, spending time complaining about much much time you have is counterproductive.

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