Bitcoin Hit the Bottom? – Is the Collapse is Complete?

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Bitcoin bottom is here… is the end finally through?

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Music by Charles Giovanniello, a Bitcoin Pub community member!

Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!


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Shah Fahad says:

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mrdave2112 says:

Advocates of bitcoin desperately need new money to come into bitcoin. The money they have put in has been extracted to the tune of 119 billion the last quarter. People holding bitcoin have lost over half of  their money; it is gone. The only way they can get back what they paid for their bitcoin is if new money comes in. Read some of their comments and you will see their desperation. Got your Bitcoin?

Samson King says:

$0 bitcoin incoming 😈😈

Radetsky Cee says:

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Native Jahgrini says:

​Well paid slaves are staging these graphs..

Ken Cress says:

You use that dirty fiat to buy your worthless coins. Also that dirty fiat pays your rent and buys your food.

Ken Cress says:

Your shit is going down dipshit.

courtney mclaren says:

I'm at the bottom hahah any btc donation for me to buy a sandwich 1MzMRA8HcXpEgPg9BDdrYVdvz8EdjZDFpV

Pontus Andrén says:

4:424:51 haha golden, i guess thats what ur doing while ur rich, figuring out funny lines for your videos 🙂

Ruud Hop says:

Bottom not yet reached!
But you have to find believers who dare to buy this speculation object. Greed is the keyword.


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Chris Adams says:

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reg sw says:

Bro can you look into POWH3D?

Ken Semotiuk says:

Dish washy boy, you're old news videos have hit bottom just cryptos will hit bottom!

Gareth Bassage says:

Tiss but a scratch

Matt Quaile says:

You make a video about this topic every 14 hours

Gianni Marangon says:

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Bajram Zatriqi says:

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