Bitcoin Hits $10,000! What’s Next?

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This bitcoin trend is the most incredible bull market I’ve experienced in the past 15 years of being involved in the financial markets…

And some of the same people that called the bitcoin community crazy for believing in it when the price was below $200 in 2015 are now calling early investors and traders “lucky”.

Well, this is a great example of how you can grow your wealth by spotting world-changing opportunities early despite hundreds of people publicly claiming your idea is stupid.

In today’s video, I’m walking you through the past 2 years of “market structure”, which is a fancy way of saying we’re going to analyze the trend…

And I’m going to give you my thoughts on where I think Bitcoin’s price is headed next. 

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DEE TEE says:

Are you guys serious? Should I invest?

Miley Love says:

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chikkenstu says:

Sustainability is debatable. It isn't a commodity that follows any sort of traditional finance guidelines. I think considering the places that it can and will expand to the market can only expand as it gains gov contracts exposure and usefulness

Pro Moto says:

Here is a extremely interesting reading ! The only TRUTH why bitcoin price is 11.000 $ right now and will NEVER die !

Anurag Bisht says:

Hands down you are the best BTC TA Youtuber, thanks for sharing

Сергей Шумилин says:

Where do dollars disappear after I have bought a bitcoin? Is it Federal Reserve withdraw dollars from circulation? If not, Isn't it mean an inflation?

Shitewank says:

So the price of the bitcoins will reduce to 5000-6000? I wanna buy bitcoins, so this is the best thing to do is to wait till this happens?

Gimmel Yod says:

Hey CD: I really like your professional content & market analysis. As an analyst myself, – what I find disturbing about the markets are the extreme price disconnections between what projects are Junk'N-Hype vs those that are truly quality ventures. If this trend continues — lots of people are going to get burned by the river of "me-too" trash entering the market space. Seriously – doesn't anyone who throws money into this space take the time to research the actual team & project-momentum behind the cryptos they put money into – or is this one big pump-n-dump circle-j? IE: It's been my observation that the projects that Dan Larimer is involved in are all currently seriously undervalued. These represent great longer-term investments because of the sheer technical edge Dan brings to the space. The guy is brilliant and his blockchain architecture continuously proves it. FAST! And on the other hand are the junk-coins with all the utility of a snail that are currently high-priced simply because they have the word "BitCoin" in their names. Wow – is there a day of reckoning coming for those! And could someone explain why DASH is at $700+ while PIVX is still under $10? PIVX – which is a branch off from DASH is better than DASH for a number of reasons. Make no mistake – I love DASH, but PIVX (all things considered) is simply a better coin. I know that from the perspective of a TRADER – that these issues may not seem big if riding the waves is all that interests you. However — from the perspective of long-term analytical investing — it's a horror to see "monkey-butt-coin" trading on par or more than coins backed by projects that are much better all around. I mean: WHY is Ethereum-Classic even still breathing? From what I can tell Chris – the markets are about +67% insanity. Have a great day.

alunsc says:

Great analysis! What would this mean for alt coins?

SPI CARS says:

Bitcoin is correcting to 30000 Dollars – Waiting for a pull back is like going to the toilet and trying to take a dump you dont need ! Why cant bitcoin go straight up? Technical analysis will ban bitcoin in the future because of its inability to follow the rules !

Raimondas Chlevinskis says:

It seems, after new year – it is going to be new big changes in the world

Kaloyan Ivanov says:

Have you seen that these guys from Cointed, who have their ICO running, have paired with Nvidia to create green mining rigs? Its quite interesting that Nvidia is actually involved with a crypto company.

C. Antoine Brown says:

Hi everyone,

I have a few questions:

1. What type of factors could effect bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices? Like for example, stocks are also affected by negative and positive press, hackings, bad performance reviews, bad management team…but can a massive power outage like in NYC, Weather and Natural disasters, Presidential elections, Economy, Job market, war, etc…cause rise and fall to this?

2. What are your suggestions on exchanges? Do they all charge fees for each individual trade? I heard some have coins that others do not. Some are harder to work with and can be confusing. Some freeze when things are chaotic. Some could be vulnerable to hacks.

3. Is there a site, like an Alt-coin wikipedia, to explain each Alt-coin (the team behind it, their purpose, their technology, their adoption, their news coverage, their backers/sponsors, and an abridged version of the white papers)? I try to do my research, but some of these sites are confusing and can go right over my head. Sometimes I wonder if they are just whipping something up to sound smart and yet it has no real application or truth behind it.

Just trying to learn more about what I'm getting myself into…even though it seems like I'm far behind the curve. Knew about Bitcoin when it was around $300 but I thought it could only be digitally mined and sold for a profit. So I disregarded it. Didn't know you could invest, trade, etc…till recently. Oh well, I had other things on my mind at the time…like a wedding. LOL Any advise would help! Thanks for your posts, time, and knowledge.


TK Crypto says:

It'll be a tough correction for many… simply because there's a herd or crowd (in the classical Wall St sense of "crowd") that are now investors in BTC. The traders and smart money were already in months or years ago. I'll be looking to scale in on a reverse of fibonacci points on the way down. If BTC was a stock I'd be short at north of 13,000. Looking for 8000-8200 to be the first important support level on the correction.

Crypto Bits says:

11k, 12k, 13k, 14k etc

John P Kennedy says:

Always great stuff Chris. 📣📣📣

CheckmatePoker says:

I have a very noob beginner question. I am looking at markets on bittrex. What is the difference between Bitcoin, Etherium and USDT markets. If can purchase alt coins in all three at different prices?

FEhero says:

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abdallah swaleh says:

Anybody heard about bitclub advantage? Is it safe to invest?

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