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Today Bitcoin is showing a bit more weakness? How come? I believe it’s due to Wall Street’s games and their attempt to keep Bitcoin down.

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0:00 Intro
1:23 Bitcoin Update
3:58 Bitcoin Outflow
8:35 China Bitcoin
10:37 Doge 4/20
12:56 Binance Coin
14:48 WSJ Backs Ripple
17:10 Kucoin Lists LABS
17:50 Blockfi
21:04 Q&A

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CryptosRUs says:

⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content
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OZ says:

Outflow could easily be exchanges selling their reserves when whales/wall st sells.

Slim 74 says:

Yea a little more obvious this time. Especially with the media bashing, and the time of day today. What's really bad for us is these tactics mixed with heavy Chinese involvement will definitely bring government regulations. Nvdia has an investigation going with potential security risks with uk companies. More of a reason for government involvement.

Roger Gold says:

Waiting for BlockFi credit card for almost 6 months. I keep getting pushed back even further in line. I actually bartender and served the ceo and all the employees in Manhattan and decided to apply for the credit card. Good luck getting the card…maybe sometime in 2022

snobby mclobby says:

yesterday u said "i dont stake or lend or anything" but now u have blockfi as a sponsor …

jboulet07 says:

This was a simple case of profit taking by some people who were leveraged long on crypto, they grabbed some profit giving us long-term hodlers another buying op! Buy the dips every time.

Stephane p says:

Those stocks have exposure to btc price. Makes sense that they tank when btc dumps

M K says:

Fuck Wall Street! We will win!!!

Brandon Maraquin says:

I am…. George

drx1 xym says:

I own 0.40 BNB – ETH 1.0 (centralized chain clone) … IDK. I still do not like it, EVEN if it does better than the DOGE!

I'll buy Doge before I buy more BNB!

dylan turko says:

why is there a skip intro option? it always gives me a smile lmao. THANKS GEORGE


drx1 xym says:

Some times the best things to do are >>

1) HODL!
2) buy on the dip!
3) Picknick (no panic)!!! – yes, go outside and have a picknick – or something – forget about it all for a minute or even an hour or two.

1Bridem says:

George just got pa pa pa pa pa paid wit dat BlockFi money. Lambo soon.

Pleiadeus says:

You're the Man George! Always appreciate your insight. Thanks!

Rebel Kingz says:

Safemoon 🚀👩‍🚀🚀

Anon ymous says:

If BTC holders can't stomach a 10% loss, then the issue is psychology not finance.

Jason Klaffer says:

These big players now they won’t be lying down there here for gains and they don’t fight fair

Pedro Ortiz says:

Your "they want to get in, keep prices down" seems more likely

Jason Klaffer says:

All this means is a longer bull run higher prices all good news

David Z says:

uhhhh I must have missed something.. don't fall as in fucking buy in or what ?

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