Bitcoin, ICO Ban and Crypto Bloodbath – Programmer explains

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have seen a huge downward trend. A lot has to do with the Chinese ICO regulations. Let’s talk about these events. We also mentioned why Bitcoin is so connected to criminal activities.

China has started banning ICOs we will have to see if other countries follow suit.

Platforms for decetralized applications like Ethereum and NEO are espicially affected price-wise today.

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Ivan on Tech says:

Thanks for watching guys, if you'd like to support me and donate to the channel, here are my addresses:

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optician53 says:


David Shaw says:

I've been interested in the idea of technology development regarding criminal activity as well. When Ebay first launched only the educated had computers and it was very unregulated but also very safe: We sent money orders (as good as cash) or even cash to sellers almost without concern…even up to a couple of grand (at least in my case.) You didn't need to provide any proof of ID on ebay to be a seller and there was no feedback. But it was very hard to participate. You had to upload photos to FTP sites and know HTML to write your listings. Then, as more people had access to computers and ebay made things more and more simple the shit hit the fan on ebay and it was like the wild west (like the crypto space is now.) Money laundering was common place and you could see it everywhere on ebay with people selling a ten cent object for thousands of dollars. (Remind you of ICOs?) But then more regulation came in and things became safer and ebay thrived. I think cryptos might behave the same way but I don't see how governments will allow transactions to be untraceable. It goes against the entire history of all governments across the world. I expect digital fiat currency with full transparency meaning no cheating on taxes, no fraud, no money laundering but also, unfortunately, no autonomy.

UighurKnight says:

The biggest criminal organisation in China is the one called the government there. It's a good thing that a communist dictatorship is out of the crypto business. Keep your coins, cryptocurrencies are the resistance against the corrupt systems. That's the main philosophy behind cryptocurrencies. No government can stop this movement.

dav says:

They will ban bitcoin overnight, what are you going to do then? Go to jail for trading bitcoin? Do you really think they will allow the web to control the money?? Are you people so naive? You have already lost all your money

Gustavo Teodoro says:

I'm 33 and I was a teen when internet was beginning to be popular, and what u said is absolutely true, everyone online was a criminal (in the eyes of those who didn't use it), even my online friends for gaming.

VoodooD0g says:

no one reacts like "oh wow, it is that thing everybody is buying drugs with"…

Joanna Rees-Jones says:

The criminals use bitcoin? So funny. The big banks and corporations have been money laundering, financing drug cartels, ripping the environment apart, tearing villages apart and so on and so forth. Define criminal please, as I believe it has become a legal term rather than a moral term based on justice. Bitcoin is here to stay it will just have to ride the storm of denial and fear. I only wish I could actually afford to invest money rather than just supporting the concept.

justice4germans says:

good, these worthless alts were overdue to crash

Rituparna Sonowal says:

Btw, after just watching two videos, I am now your big fan. I love your presentation, the way you explain. This is my second youtube comment. LOL

Thanks for your videos. I am not a bitcoin user or investor, neither I use any other crypto currencies. But I like the technologies and I will watch your every single video. Thanks again

Swordguy's Channel says:

the internet came to my school when I was in grade 6, iirc. Here in Canada, it was treated as a future investment of knowledge as our government believed business and the economy in general would rely heavily on it, at that was the approach in my school district.

The thing is, the internet infrastructure already existed before the internet, as large companies like IBM and Microsoft had their own private networks with email, voice conference and other tools to improve their coordination between locations. I believe my own government already had a similar closed network, so it was no surprise when all these different private networks were brought together with internet protocol. It was amazing because overnight the internet suddenly existed, and the first thing we did with it was download free music and videos games (back then every single game had a downloadable demo), and sit at a browser typing in random words or names and adding .com at the end to see if it was a website.

I remember the first time sitting down and looking at the web browser, our teacher was telling us different sites we could visit for educational purposes, and I remember thinking, I wonder if the white house has a website, so I asked the teacher that and she said to try and find out. The whole class typed in and I'll never forget the teachers face when she saw what loaded on our screens and realized we could access porn sites. I think the teacher thought I did that on purpose, but I really didn't know lol.

But yeah, the early days of the internet was full of fuzzy porn, chat rooms, instant messaging, music pirating and definitely a lot of other illegal activity. I remember wondering just how long the internet would last in that form, and in truth it no longer does. In those days it was all deep web. The internet 2.0 was built on top of that and here we are.

ibrahim refaeei says:

Did china just destroy us .. / seems like that yes .. rip blockchain

Anton Drozdov says:

many might be surprised that criminals do use fiat currencies to support their activity

Paul Sant says:

Re the ongoing general rise of the crypto currencies against the dying fiat currencies:–

My impression at this point is that Iota is the slow steadily moving tortoise that will eventually go far in the race…even if it eventually just used for parking meters. (a 16 billion dollar a year market in the US alone)..the lack of transaction fees could be very important in very low income countries…..a few cents makes a difference if you are just earning a few hundred dollars a month. This notion tends to be lost on the relatively affluent in first world countries. However, one would like to know how it would hold up against forking and malicious attacks…but another positive point is its speed of transaction..Neo is interesting, the over 1.3 billion Chinese in the world tend to be very nationalistic and typically support their own products loyally…Litecoin appears to be another long term steadily moving tortoise…destined to chase the bounding rabbit, bitcoin.. To my mind the long term eco system that's appears to be forming looks like this:-…Bitcoin and Litecoin appear to be the main stores of value.(i.e massive unrefined crude oil, coal or uranium nuclear fuel depots, respectively) …. ..Ether and Neo appear to be the rails on which ride the locomotives (i.e smart contracts) and Iota could be the derived energy (i.e electricity fed through overhead cables) that actually will propel the locomotives forward. Food Coin will perhaps tend to ensure that the passengers will get value for money when they opt to buy nutritious non GMO food in the train's restaurant car. Centra Tech and TenX,respectively could eventually be analogous to the controlling function of signalling machinery and the physical energy network combined, thus making sure that the whole train network coordinates well, with Humaniq eventually ensuring that even the unbanked in developing countries at very least will be able to get a chance to board the train as third class passengers…with Populous for its part ensuring that the various suppliers to the network get their due without being scammed by rogue debtors.In furtherance to the rail way analogy in the post below:- privacy alt coins like Navcoin, Clock and Monero, are like traveling in a sealed rail carriage compartment…like the way in which Lenin reached Russia in 1917 to initiate the Bolshevik revolution 🙂 🙂

Riaan Buys says:

I feel ashamed making so much money out of good honest working Chinise people , they should have some ecucated person running their coutry.

Morgan Freegan says:

1960's – Computers are glorified calculators!

1970's – Video Games and Arcades are for drug dealers and losers!

1980's – IMB and Apple are for businesses only!

1990's – The Internet is just a fad and people will get bored of it!

2000's – A.I. will kill us all!

2010's – Cryptocurrency is a ponzischeme!

Riaan Buys says:

Do any Person in China realize that you; your culdren like the past 200 years will fead the rich for 3 genirations due to your choice?

John Smith says:

Thank you for your common sense explanations of what's going on.

Maximilian Gasseholm says:

BTC started to fall from $4990 high before China/ICO news. Fundamentally people use BTC to buy ETH to particpate on ICO.

Billy Bang Bang says:

I love bitcoin toy money.

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