Bitcoin is close to becoming WORTHLESS – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

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Is Bitcoin close to becoming worthless? Hear what one professor thinks due to BTC mining. Has this been said before? Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news from today!

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CryptosRUs says:

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PD says:

take a shot of whiskey before bed,,u the man

Fish Legs says:

George, do you sleep well at night?

HseOChin says:

Pile of rubbish usual..they have to try to shake as many of the herd to sell as much & as fast as possible in order that they can take the other side of the trades to buy at the best lowest possible price for themselves ?!?!

If BTC is worthless then why the hell are the sellers able to sell as it needs ready buyers (not all buyers are dumb & ignorant !) to take the other side of the trade to buy up all their sells !!!! So, fundamentally it makes no sense as such so i don't buy such pile of rubbish article.

G. Sean Walker says:

Try to overdose on garlic . It always works for me when I have a cold. Make it as close to raw as possible

Nathan Z says:

Crypto is scam!

Derek Mcrae says:

Miners shutting down means price increase soon due to decreased new supply.

Eric Fort Lauderale says:

Bush Funeral so markets were closed. Bitcoin will rise again due to the fact that it is mostly being held down by manipulating of futures and a few SEC scares…but it will rise very slowly

Wendy Taylor-Hill says:

hey george, get some echinacea and drink green tea to boost your immune system

TheCommentBeatKiller says:

The fact that the BCHSV consensus fork worked, proves that cryptocurrency can be destabilized by a single person. Morals should have outweighed profit when it came to BCHSV. It didn’t and that proves that crypto is on a permanent downward spiral. Hopefully one day there will be something that comes along that is equally as revolutionary as cryptocurrency intended to be. But it will not be any algorithm or technology that is currently out.

Jay Dee says:

i cant see another bull run for at least 2 more years. Maybe end of 2020 to reach ATH again. Why would it before then? Why buy into btc when it never keeps its price?

Marat Fingaret says:

how can you wait for bitcoin difficulty to drop down?? The difficulty never goes down, it only increases with time and payout halves every 4 years …. lol they can keep waiting all they want for something that can never happen… what they need to do is work on more advanced mining chips that can support the hashrate in correlation with the difficulty increases. And it looks like they are currently not doing so as the Bitcoin price dropped and they may not have funds for further development at the moment and are waiting for the price to spike.

Mark Danger says:

Great vid George! I read the whistle blower Edward Snowden thinks that Bitcoin could die but cryptos is here to stay. Your thoughts?

Anthony Squires says:


If you had to guess, how do you think Crypto will be affected by the next recession? Do you think people will largely try to sell their crypto to try to make up for other losses?

Tina Kingston says:

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Ben Stil says:

Ja ja ja,ja,bla bla bla bla.

junofluke says:

Keep your "rich list" review coming. Another excellent video.

Sir Charles says:

Thanks George

VentionMGTOW says:

Not much demand to buy bitcoin until January. The tax selling should be done by then and Bakkt will be ramping up in January. I generally buy bitcoin every payday but I'm holding off till January, unless it drops below 3500 or so. If it does my usual purchase will get me 0.25 btc. That's good enough for me.

Malhadas51 Takamatoshy says:

You should go see a doctor but that cold is too long it could be something very danverous take care

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