Bitcoin Is Crashing (And That’s A GOOD THING!)

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Everyone is freaking out about the latest price movement in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. You all need to take a deep breath and settle down. Every dark cloud has its silver lining. In fact, maybe this is all for the best! Let’s take a closer look at what’s really going on here.

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Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, investing, analytics, and various altcoins.


Doug Polk Crypto says:

On my new channel: Why Disney Is CANCELLING These Star Wars Movies –

Mohit agnihotri says:

Hahahaha awesome! Btw one thing to ask what happened to your face n specially your nose 😫

Danimal Animal says:

by the looks of that black eye crypto nick and the dangerous people in crypto finally got ya

Arjun Dev says:

Yeah I distributed my eggs in different baskets, now most of them have gone down and become chromosomes! D:

Fantasy Couch says:

you heard about nlc2 doug?

Chris Cash says:

Who punched you Doug and why?

gt0703 says:

You can still trade you bitcoin for multiple ounces of gold – a real tangible thing that has been valued by many cultures for thousands of years! Yes fiat is a con, but cryptos are fiat as well.

Madgumin says:

Buy high sell low!

Jp Highbaugh says:

what happened to your eye cracker????

Vic atNyte says:

haha Doug…you are killing me lol

loi hoffman says:

feel the burn

lemireray says:

Thanks Doug. I needed that. Timing is everything on so many fronts.

Michael Mwakazi says:

Loving hot cheap alts😁

jan biel says:

best thing is my portfolio is much less crypto now, happened automatically. so diversified.

Michael Mwakazi says:

REKT lol😂😂

Max POWERS says:

You’re one funny dude!

Motivation says:

This is me lmao

Welly Angga says:

Love the positive message in the video

Brandy Wasay says:

The new XRP logo looks like some alien UFO stuff, hidden message like a pyramid , flying saucer , Galaxian Invaders …

Sean plank says:

sick poster of Doug Polk in the top right corner can i get one signed??

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