Bitcoin Is Crashing Get Out While You Still Can! @kryptotwins

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This is what fomo looks like! Be patient and hodl if you believe in the project and the technology of your investment this bear market is only short term we gonna make allkinds of gains allkinds

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QueensRise says:


takemasterx says:

talking about faith regarding markets LMAOOO funny

takemasterx says:

this is "what not to do " regarding stock lmao this is funny BUT i hope no mf follows this

The Catmother says:

I'm so stressed out, I've started to see double

109.9M views says:

I think the entire crypto thing is DEAD. Too many ico scams, fake youtube traders claiming to be traders while getting affiliate commissions, exchanges getting hacked. crypto is pretty much worthless junk and everyone has woken up and realised now! I would get out while you can!

Ben Bonifacio says:

Bitcoin going to $6500. Put it in tether.

Jason G says:

if the normies say sell, time to buy

Litecoin Man says:

I feel like they playing both emotions, one is the hodler and one is the doubter, they are just showing how we acting right now.

Stankin' Thankin' says:

What the fuck is ''hodl'' 😀

Michael Mwakazi says:

Bitcone when moon🔥😂

Ricky says:

These boys are damn hilarious

joelercoaster says:

Please start doing technical analysis just for the hell of it LMFAO

David Arulnathan says:


Sam Rj says:

The market is not your friend. You have to short and long.

Suresh Bansal says:

😂😂😂 love this sheet man, refreshing

Mustard Lee says:

Keep hodlin' guys. 🙂

theempoleon78 says:

This is when you should be buying Bitcoin. Or at least wait for it to drop more then buy. I've been looking forward to this moment. People are panicking like crazy. I can get more for less baby, after 5 years I'm gonna be a millionaire.

Scott Miner says:

Hilarious! Good to see you guys again. I used to watch your weightlifting vids. The people who OWN the paper currencies, ie central banks, HATE cryptocurrencies and want to destroy them. These crashes are part speculation, part attacks by the old central banks. Ethereum may fall, bitcoin may fall, but cryptocurrencies will eventually win out.

malizec says:

don't put all in tether, diversify, put some in tusd 🙂

Gasper Kosmac says:

i ain’t selling shit

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