Bitcoin Is Dead! We Were Wrong… With Kenneth Ameduri

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With Bitcoin at a critical crossroad and Investors becoming frustrated with Gold and Silver our very own Kenneth Ameduri shares with us his insights on whether Bitcoin is really dead and the reality a desired Precious Metal Bull run.
Ken looks at the constant growth of Bitcoin over the years and the near infinite articles calling for Bitcoin’s demise and why being an early Bird is the best way to avoid panic buying in the future!

00:15 Bitcoin is dead?!
03:55 Bitcoin still defying the critics!
07:05 Gold and Silver compared to Bitcoin
11:05 The reality of a Precious Metal Bull Run


Dillon Jolly says:

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yin ng says:

Speculators are sitting on their ar_se dreaming all day how to not work but wait for their few bitcoins, gold and silver to make them fortune. Makes one sick.

yin ng says:

All the central banks are doing their own blockchain and digital currencies. Future is central digital banking. Out law the individual's digital currencies. They'll tax or go after those who accept individual digital currencies.

Daniel Crowder says:

bitcoin will go up and down. but one of the best investments for me so far.

Chili FPV says:

Bitcoin is dead! Long live Bitcoin!

Jeff Kalb says:

It's never a bubble until it finally collapses. It has no intrinsic value, only the expectation of gain. Bitcoin is just a fiat currency without the backing of a national government. Good luck with that!

pace says:

bitcoins going to 10000 dollars. buy now….(rolls eyes)

wizdumb420 says:

filter out i.c.o. & crypto-to-crypto transactions… ???

lehrjet31 says:

Bitcoin price will never be stable enough to be used as any real currency it might be good for remittances or moving currency out of country or something to place a bet on.

lehrjet31 says:

The price drop is good it just shows these people how bad cryptos are as actual money you want money that is rock steady even 3% inflation is very insidious prices would double in 23 years. And this is why nothing is better for money than PM. A horse should cost you the same as it did 100 years ago. All crypto is is another derivative to place bets on. I trade ETFs made money on oil,NG,silver, Shorting VIX,Brazil, I know a few things about trading and if your a perma bull good luck pigs get slaughtered!!!

River City MOVERS says:

Sorry. Can't rely on the internet when it comes to my wealth. Investment? It's just not for me. Good Luck out there!

In God I Trust says:

Cryptos are neither an asset class or a stock of any type. This seems to be a giant experiment that is competing with fiat currencies creating deflation because of it's parabolic rise. Governments will destroy these!

M Goldey says:

What about government regulation. Don't we think that the govt will come in and fuck it up. Or create their own crypto.

Ray Kay says:

You f***in troll. LOL Why do you have to troll people into watching this video?? lol I told my wife I bet he's trolling us just like all YouTubers like to do and you prove me right you piece of troll shit. haha ok i'm fine with it but I do find it funny that you're slowly become a YT content creator like Alex Jones

Aaron Kingston says:

It's so hilarious telling people about Bitcoin only the have them say that it's "dead" and that it's "not worth anything".

Have to love this early adoption stage!

A Ray says:

Good speech!

ïWreckedGaming !!! says:

Well bud it's not dead it's rising back up

420kushmaster says:

yea spend your money in bitcoin.

vardo0506 says:

Gold is obsolete. A relic of the past. It has reached its cap long ago. It's inconvenient and pretty much useless for younger generations.

It's only a matter of time until Bitcoin surpasses the market cap of gold. At that point, gold will start depreciating fast.

Latro Geniwile says:

Even a moron can see cryptos are NOT suitable as a store of value. That alone will kill them.

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