Bitcoin Morning Brief – Circle, Wyoming, Core Release, SegWit

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Jeremy G says:

Under KYC, they still make you give ID – $2K or not… Poloniex isn't the only Alt-exchange I've been on, but it has never been "in the news" like the others… so, why shady? They're legit… I didn't use Bitfinex, when I got it… and because I wanted XEM, I got it on Poloniex, and they're good. No issues ever…

CrazyWorld says:

look at Charlie Shrems Twitter "explain Circle's acquisition of Poloniex"

Kirk McCosker says:

girl? That's a rare site in these woods.

Gee Willickers says:

Of course Wyoming law means something, just like California and Colorado law regarding weed means something. Weed is allowed in those states. Mostly people don't care about FBI jurisdiction. Government works for the people, not the other way around.

adrianciaff says:

Tone and Jimmy, is Leah your new personal assistant? You guys basically didn't let her get a single word in.

Charles Ethan says:

Hey what's up dm me on Instagram@ hacker_ccv for Bitcoin hack 100% legit..

Jason says:

What happened to Valentine Schmidt?

Jason says:

TONE: you forgot the daily shitcoin segment…..much disappointment

onhiatus says:

Toné – on point as usual.
Leah – don’t be so did well and there will always be room for improvements.
Jimmy – I love you to death (fellow Texan) but pls quit saying “this song is done” and we all good. 💯

Quentin Es says:

Circle was never out of Bitcoin, they just left the retail market for a while. 2nd largest crypto trader in the world according to them, after they had discontinued retail crypto services

Andrejs Šitals says:

29:55 – "It happened in the middle of nowhere". Really?
BTC/EUR on Coinbase, hourly chart gave green dotted line at that price on 2018-02-03, it acted as a resistance 3 times back then. Price went up above that line on 2018-02-14 after a small bump. Now, from 2018-02-24 till 2018-02-26, this line acted as a support for 3 times.

Mgtow Viking says:

Do you want to hear a joke?


Ken Lam says:

I know it is off topic, but Leah is very pretty and cute…

william mckeever says:

Enrom was criminal… people went to jail

william mckeever says:

Funk Fud Tone at work means BTC must be over 10K

Terror Bear says:

Yesssssssss. Tits.

claudia tafur says:

Go Leah awesome addition to the videos!

And I'm An Anarchist says:

Good Morning Tone

Tom says:

This round table style discussion with Jimmy song & others is awesome Tone, please do more like this!!

Gift Da God says:

bitcoin faucet

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