Bitcoin Morning Brief – The Breakout of $9k has Begun, Now What?

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ChooseKnowledge says:

Tone Vays: "Coinbase kind of came out of nowhere"

Are you serious man?!? They've been here for 5 years! Unlike whatever service you were shilling in the exact same sentence. Maybe time for a history lesson for you! Love your vids. 🙂

That's Cute says:

"People figure out ways to enrich themselves and things like that…" JS don't they Tone and Jimmy?

David Jenkins says:

I have been making small daily buys on Square Cash. Took about 1 week to be fully verified.

Steven Douglas says:

Please, talk about MyWish (inteligent contracts) seems a good project and only 19 milions coins

BlueMoonBrightStar says:

Hey Tones, please help: I tried sending litecoin from gdax to my bitcoin/litecoin wallet. I have it on legacy. It showed as completed on their end but on mine there is not even a operation as if i never started the transaction. Can you or anyone help? Please?

anonyme world says:

The end of bitcoin 26.03.2018 !!

Christopher Maier says:

Hey Tone, I saw your LA meet up livestream and you looked slick in your hat 😎

Some Guy says:

Your face have changed! So glad to see you happy.

llshamelessll says:

Lmao , a dumbass Flat Earth question. Read a book.

444 says:

I'm pretty sure that moving to Puerto Rico only gets you out of paying capital gains tax on the price appreciation of your assets GOING FORWARD. You still have to pay tax on the appreciation that has taken place prior to you moving there.

LDBronx says:

Dodging taxes legally is both moral and the American way. We were founded on a tax revolt.

J Rucki says:

Hello from maryland !! thanks Tone, everyone knows you don’t have to do these videos so much appreciated

Christopher Maier says:

Robinhood is aimed at idiots and kids to take their money.

Neo Mike says:

it's over 9000!… I guess that meme only works the first time

Matthew Slocum says:

The 128 period MA on the 4hr caught the top stagnation perfectly

Kevin Connors says:

Tone, what app do you recommend I look at to accept bitcoin payment on my website as a form of payment like visa or Mastercard? Bitpay maybe?

frogman007 says:

A lot of people I used to work with.. younger software developers. , will be all over this. They won't be whales, but they will be in and talking about it. More people will follow.. their parents, friends, etc. Poor people don't have a clue about bitcoin or crypto and won't be investing in it at all.

pakksters says:

Would’ve been great to have valentine on today haha great to see y’all together again!

Jan Olav Solli says:

Good to see you guys again! From Acapulco

David Z says:

@26:00 long time viewer – ethereum hasn't been trying to "switch to POS forever and cant". It's on the roadmap and if you look at github they've been steadily making progress on it since august.

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