Bitcoin Needs A Miracle… Is This It?

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Margola Lee says:

I was waiting for this video! Thx ❤️🌸🙏

The Trader Guy says:

At the end of the day, BTC needs several months of stability before the sheep will jump in again. Most sheep won't wait for that, and are looking to get rich overnight. This is why retail traders will continue to lose, and watch institutions make money on this. IF, and its a big IF, BTC rallies back to 20k, it will be institutions that are the owners. It won't be the masses.

The BTC market is NO DIFFERENT than any other, no matter how much smarter the crowd thinks they are than the rest of the world.

Sean Russell says:

Blocksteam want to destroy BTC and for it to take the entire market with it. How has BTC got any value when it's, cheaper, easier, safer & more reliable to use fiat currency?

The Trader Guy says:

I feel for him…..all these months trying to give good news for BTC, because its what works for SEO right now. However, there is no good news.

Super Roo says:

Every time there is a down trend or massive dip, a massive pump of money comes in from 'somewhere' to prop up the market. Example, early April $30 billion was pumped in 20 minutes. This has happened a few times. Unsure of what this means. Love your work Alessio!

Pro Clubs League says:

Don’t give the weekend bot play away!!

Travelingman 1980 says:

You copy Tone Vays as your own.

smokintones420 says:

I toast to bitcoin!!!!

One/Crypto/Revolutionary says:

.All it needs is time.
After market manipulators drive everybody out that they can, then they'll make the price go up again so they can make money from everybody that they can. Follow the manipulators.

Mozzus says:

thanks man ,, very nice video keep it on .

Robert Balejik says:

bitcoin doesn't need a miracla but it needs to test that 4,95k "hidden gap"

black6master says:

Those predictions are simply full of bullshit ..I am watching regularly and notice that there is no prediction accuracy neither consistency..Just carefully choosen phrases in double sides meaning..for watchers..I recommend to go to older videos to see actually how accurate and successful those analysis were in past…they were not and they can not be and they are at level of ridiculous….all "expertise" here is nothing more than selling empty words pretending expertise by authority…. ..this gentleman here was so many times wrong about everything and talking basically nonsense …

mathx yazz says:

There is nothing like buying cheap or selling dear.Thats assuming to be smarter than the market. Market can be balanced or unbalanced but price is for professionals neither cheap nor dearly!
But to me this isn`t the biggest trap. To me its the conscious writing-off before entering a trade. Imho most essential to be able to stick to the plan/trade. Most newbies don`t realise how important this is. You have to feel the loss for real, swallow it down, before taking this risk. Makes trading much easier. Thank me later 😉

Ritwik says:

Bitcoin is gonna bounce anytime now with a "market structure" breaking thicc $5000 green candle in one hour. You will be left out

Dimitrios Desmos says:

20 screens…..Storch thanks you in advance for your donations

Hiyan Zoubi says:

thanks… amazing and instructive/helpful videos as usual…..

Lavalambtron says:

The miracle will be the economic catastrophe that will happen to people that rely on the ever shrinking effect of the fiat currencies, it will come sooner or later, cryptocurrencies just need to wait patiently on the sidelines people will revert to them when there’s nothing else to trust, especially the newer generations and those yet to come, these are currencies for the 22nd century and beyond.

Crypto Drag says:

Buy red… sell green.
Was Bill talking about crypto?
No… he wasn't.

Nathan Smith says:

just wondering when John McAfee is eating his dick?

0FUX_ says:

The volume alone will tell you there are no demand no fresh money coming into the space.

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