Bitcoin plunges, and could there be a new challenger on the way

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Brian Kelly on bitcoin’s fall and Powell’s comments on digital dollars. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Guy Adami, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman and Steve Grasso.


Shiko Levy says:

Mainstream media thinks they know about Bitcoin all of the sudden 😂

Ariana Packard says:

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Nilesh Bhakre says:

Bitcoin is big Ponzi scheme, just like petro dollars 😀😀😀

sub786sub says:

Why u bring un experience people and their old openion. I can no make u understand in one page. This is ecstacy of finance

Drool Alot says:

A centralized digital dollar or paper dollar has nothing to do with bitcoin.

Maybe for people that don't know blockchain.

Flash Trance says:

LMAO. I get the impression they were expecting Brian to play along with the propaganda, not point out the Fed's criminal BS…

Badabababa says:


Felix Abarca says:

It's absolutely unbelievable how little understanding all these people have of BTC and blockchain. I just watched the IOTA cofounder speaking in another yt channel about quantum cryptography and now watching this feels like i traveled 20 years to the past.

Wild Bill says:

We have a corrupt banking system. Low to almost no interest, zero bond yields is forcing people to place their money in a speculative stock market to try and keep ahead of the inflation the money-printing-thieves are inflicting on us. Bitcoin is a life raft to government theft through money printing.

Brian says:

If you give me temporary dollars, I will 100% put it all in BTC

Ryan Giffin says:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Tony B says:

Bitcoin is trash!! Wake up to XRP!!! Buy on Uphold!!!!

Angelica Brierley Speer says:

What a joke – the central banking system is as corrupt and unfair as it can get – decentralised, democratised assets are the only way forward.

Z_ROck says:

Boomer news knows nothing about anything new, surprise…..

CletusEinstein says:

Clickbait title but good conversation from both sides for the layperson

Common Sense says:

The reason Bitcoin is exploding in price is because of our banking system and the lack of faith in our government to manage money.

alphanumerical says:

Screw the banking system

mjohnstonflying says:

Inflation hurts the poor and middle class the most. The US and Fed are making the rich richer. They try to confuse people who dont understand economics by saying printing is good.

Alpha Beta says:

Buy in fear, sell in greed.


evstir says:

There are better cryptos than Bitcoin or even Ethereum! Cardano, Dot or Xrp

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