Bitcoin Price 2020 End of Year Prediction! (NO MOONBOY SH!T!!!)

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In this episode I present my most realistic Bitcoin price target for the end of 2020. This End of Year Bitcoin price prediction is based on three different methods which all three seem quite realistic. Let me know your opinion in the comment section about the outcome and don’t forget to like the video to support this channel for free. Thanks a lot.

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02:25 1st Method
04:00 2nd Method
06:26 3rd Method
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Tom B says:

More or less 80% off all people are thinking that the price will soar at the end of the year, so I think it will be less than 10.000 Dollar, ore approx. at 10.000 Dollar. Lets see 🙂

What Next Kai says:

Just been reading more about gaps recently in the traditional TA world, apparently 91% of all gaps gets filled in the future, I'll leave the rest to you guys on what price we could see in the coming weeks/months.

Hamdan Alhosani says:

Dash is the only coin in crypto space that hasnt moved an inch. It is a major solid project and low supply. It is -95% from all time high which has lot of potential to grow in price

Pallab Gogoi says:

Ever since I made $4703 from trading with Mr Donald Wilson all I can do is to recommend to those that have inclurred loses trading on their own

Osho R says:

Last 2 bull markets there was no way to go short this time we have many options like CME etc.
It will be interesting to see what happens.
I personally would love to see crypto market go into many trillions

Dar El says:

End of year 7300$.

Frouch Itude says:

The price will be 1btc…

Andrei Ionut Palcau says:

I agree 100% with you Sunny, my analisys for the end of 2020 is around 15.000 approximately.

bert de jong says:

Very,very realistic 👍 nothing more to say 🤠

Watkins Stone says:

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Maldonado Kate says:

Getting to know hackbyhamzeek2 on IG was a life changing opportunity for me .i made close to 15 BTC

Firedog4 3 says:

Have seen many comments here talking abut hackbyhamzeek2 on IG about his wonderful service I thought it wasn’t real but I risked it with my last bitcoin and now I’m living large..

rubbi1977 says:

with like 0.3 BTC all three answers, <1, <10 and <100 are actually correct.. just sayin

Luis Suarez says:

Only watching cause of no moonboy shit lol

Vikram Bhargava says:

12500 is very realistic

mark stedman says:

This is why I like your content Sunny, no bull saying “ oooh we are going to have a 30k btc at the end of of the year!!” … let’s stop the click bait and see the real bait!! Thanks again

Dohn Joe says:

"I don't look at past events to predict prices" Literally did that the whole video. I swear, this guy is one sandwich short of a picnic.

Erik Bruin says:

Yes, Sunny very realistic. But please, MC AFEE, a big Joke.

Piotr Penar says:

Its realistic price

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