Bitcoin Price Fails to Pass $12k (Worst BTC Crash Imminent?)

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Today we will be taking a look at the Bitcoin price. I’ll tell you EXACTLY when the BTC price will get over the 12k hump for good. With the recent Bitcoin drop in price, will it head back up immediately, or will it continue to fall? I’ll share with you a little secret that will help you predict the future price of Bitcoin.

When it comes to Bitcoin price analysis, one chart is more accurate than all the rest and it has shown that time after time it’s correct. So why should we be taking guesses against the Bitcoin market when we have a source that we can look to that is always right? I’m going to show you the chart and why there is nothing to be worried about.

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Glenn Garcia says:

😂😂😂😂😂 I don’t knw u bitboy but I like you. I trust your word over someone that complains off wanting free stuff. Life is hard and nothing is free. I knw u have everyone’s best interest. I thank you for all the guidance keep up the great work. To u and your team!! Thank you guys

Scotty Gilleard says:

You tell those crypto vigilante mofos 😤

Sirius Magus says:

Are you dreaming? ??? everything is getting dumped at same time.. .. its rigged with FEDERAL RESERVE free money. …

Oh Henry says:

Keep these gems coming Bit Boy👌🏽😆

Ken Dagostino says:


Richard Amoury says:

Where do I find my YouTube url?

Obed Perez says:

No this is the best video I have seen from But boy crypto

j simon says:

Its a good thing when a low price buy.

Mr. Braham says:

What is the website for time miner?? Can't find it

DR says:

Beeeeeotch 😂. Man i never seen him like this. They wanted trouble? “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!”
Thanks for the vid Bitboy🤙.

Bob Smith says:

Love the put put downs for the Charles bronson wanna b's😂👍

Pupe Gomez says:

Cero scam BB! Always best info on the market, totally appreciate you!🤙

Ne Valja says:

Why crypto will never be the solution? Simple… People are just too greedy, the world where you want to achieve wealth without work is destined to fail…

Tarun Rathi says:

Bitboy when u tell about coins plz tell where and how to buy it to jump in early ,that will be very helpful

Mohammad Imran Sabri says:

When an important person does something it often excites gossip-mongers Who will always have something silly to say.

You keep up the good work I beleive in you 💪🤑

bibleisbs * says:

It's obvious Bitcoin is down, but what is dragging down the total meltdown in almost all crypto last two days?????

This Is Heaven says:

Did you see that bearish head and shoulders pattern?

Drew Marshall says:

You trying to tempt me with Candace Cameron bro 😉

This Is Heaven says:

Baron Rothschild

"Buy only when there's blood in the street"

enzo zee says:


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