BITCOIN Price Surge, China, Jamie Dimon, What You Need To Know

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news bitcoin, the latest 48hr price fluctuations of the cryptocurrency, Chinas moves against bitcoin exchanges and ICO’s as well as very interesting comments for Jamie Dimon

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IzunaDestruction says:

This guy is a complete moron. He does not care what China does? The problem is Google?? Google has nothing to do with Bitcoin, China instead can game the price whenever it wants with new regulations and other methods, the biggest activity in Bitcoin mining is in China, the government filter all the traffic through the Great Firewall inbound and outbound and can selectively shut down entire regions, they cracked down on VPNs, big companies have communist officials in them and people have social scores based on what they do on the net, popular messaging apps are by design under constant man in the middle attack, phone in certain areas are sold backdoored by law so you can be sure that if China bans Bitcoin the traffic from both people and companies crashes and this guy…. He does not care what China does with Bitcoin, even if it's because of China new measures to fight tax evasion and outflow of money that the price crashed for a while. This guy is a joke.
They can't inflate Bitcoin? Some obscure figure with lot of money, probably some investment group, is gaming Bitcoin price to the sky since its inception and this guy thinks China cannot tamper with Bitcoin price? Who is this clown??

Gus Putin says:

Luke why are you still connected to Jeff Berwick the scam artist!

negro 7 says:

If there tracking you that means your there property. You only track something that yours you don't track stuff that doesn't belong to you

negro 7 says:

Tracking people with what the do with there money is slavery

David E. Burden says:

He says it can't be stopped. I think he will see differently when they take the internet away from us commoners.

negro 7 says:

The made video games only for rich people so you can't play video games any more i don't need internet everywhere i go

negro 7 says:

Bitcoin going to say the banker are corrupt. Trust us so we can be the corrupt. It was the banket who funded bitcoin

negro 7 says:

Bitcoin is credit buy the very same banker's and technology from apple and Microsoft these are evil men try to inslave the world

negro 7 says:

Bitcoin track and watch every thing you do and whete you go .bitcoin can be a tool to posion the food you eat or water you drink

Maple Flavor says:

luke, the corporations wouldn't have the power they have now if it wasn't for the state. absent the state, competition would drive down the power of these entities.

Michael James Slattery says:

Jeff is a goon. Look at his dyed hair and beard from all those cigs. SteemIt is shit. ONg will dominate it.

negro 7 says:

Luke do not fall for that man lies cash and gold bitcoin is a step to 666 where you don't have any control of what you buy. It becomes the world biggest inslaver

negro 7 says:

They will censor people from buying things they want. It will give you person information to hackers .it won't work in a power outage

negro 7 says:

Bitcoin tracks where you work what you eat medical information bitcoin you will only be able to buy what the computer allows you to buy.

negro 7 says:

Bitcoin tracking everyone is the same as tracking cattle.

negro 7 says:

I don't want to be track i want privacy

negro 7 says:

Then bitcoin tracks every thing you buy.

negro 7 says:

Who ever own bitcoin is going to have infinite power cause they will be able to program trillions of dollars out of no where

negro 7 says:

Bitcoin is slavery

negro 7 says:

He fool of shit

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