Bitcoin Rally Soon? A Bitcoin Recovery In July 2018?!

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We’ll discuss the likelihood of a Bitcoin recovery and subsequent Bitcoin rally in the month of July 2018.
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*I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage all to do their own research before doing anything with their money. All investments/trades/buys/sells etc. should be made at your own risk with your own capital.*

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Crypto Jebb says:

Will Bitcoin stage a recovery in the month of July? Do you agree with the case I've laid out here today? Tell down below!
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Easy S. says:

I can’t hear so fast, you are talking!

meatandbeer says:

what are your thoughts on btc futures? some say that futures are a mechanism to suppress btc price.

Ronald R says:

Next video about oyster pearl. Great news bro

Ronald R says:

Good video bro

Fan Xia says:

What I am hearing everywhere is that BTC is going to go down to 5k, including this TA still saying bitcoin will break lower. That’s where I think everybody is wrong and bitcoin is going to rally fast and furious because it’s moving much faster than privious years. Prediction can’t be based on one or few factors only, it must take into account all things considered, trade volume differences to prior years, tech development community growth, increasing awareness, speed up on regulatory front, and speed up on preparation for institutional money. I think everybody is going to end up waiting for a lower bottom that never came and they end up buying in much higher.

Jul MacFarlaine says:

Love your videos Jebb! ❤

Waheed Khan says:

Very powerful video… I'm in crypto for the past 7 months I have invested since every pounds I found until last week I'm buying all the time. Some people will tread which is good if you know what you doing but I just bought put them away for the right time. I believe in the space and as you said it will surprise a lot of US.

ezemp1 says:

love it! hey guys what's going aaannnn? slow down while talking afterwards! great review as always!

damienski says:

If Your Prediction is Wrong…Will You Give Me $100 to Prove You are Wrong ? Probably Not -:(

Benji's Boxing Channel says:

Great video Jebb

Colton Brummel says:

Been with crypto since 2012. this past month I've been trying to play the board 2 steps ahead and I've been buying alts to plan accordingly for the future. In brief hindsight I should have waited till end of June instead of earlier June because I could have got about 50% more than I had acquired on some positions but nonetheless I still believe I got a pretty sweet entry point. Exciting times, about to get wild again! The tides have turned and I believe the last half year of 2018 will be a lot more friendly to us than the first half was 🙂

Gary says:

I began my crypto journey back at the beginning of this year (2018). Learning about what blockchain is, what crypto is. I love the idea the concept. I made my first investment in the middle of March. I fomo a lot. I chased the shinny objects. I decided to invest in TA classes. Now I have a strategy. I look forward to an up trend that will last for more than 2 days. I have been studying charts "support and resistance support and resistance.) I found you about a week ago and watch you daily. Thank you for your time with the daily videos. Oh one mere thing. I AM NOT SELLING. I've been in a drought for 4 months and the storm clouds are rolling in.

jian658 says:

of cause , It will hit 1,000,000 end of this year

Mark Nuhn says:

i made my battle plan and have stuck to it

Alexander Letterhag says:

Staying in BTC. All out right now but ready to go in when the time is right.

Kevin DiFilippo says:

SO many bears here, I think this downtrend got to their head and the only thing they think Bitcoin can do it so down lol

Erik Saenz says:

Bitcoin and crypto is freemason illluminati. They run the world. Its a secret. It will last

Andre De La Fontaine says:

Is it is or is it ain't?

Ted says:

On average BITCOIN adds a Zero Every 2 Years…

2009 – $0 ☹️
2011 – $10 🙁
2013 – $100 😐
2015 – $1,000 🙂
2017 – $10,000 😀
2019 – $100,000 😃
2021 – $1,000,000 🤩

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