Bitcoin Ready To Move!! Triple Bottom Update & Venezuela Inflation [Bitcoin Today]

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Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin-Crypto News Today: Bitcoin is showing strength after this downtrend we’ve had in the last week. Can the Bitcoin price reverse now, and how does this relate to the Bitcoin triple bottom? I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to show you what I think. I also talk a bit about the Venezuelan inflation crisis, where the Bolivar in inflated around 8000% per year. If you want to learn more about this, watch the video!

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0:46 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
8:35 Bitcoin & Crypto News (Venezuela)

Venezuela currency crisis:
Bitcoin Tweet:


The Moon says:

0:46 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
8:35 Bitcoin & Crypto News (Venezuela)

Nick Verootis says:

We're going down folks. Nothing but fake volume propping up the crypto market right now. Very little new money coming in. Sorry…

Leonardo Scaburi Reinol says:

Venezuela is a Socialist country that's the explanation about its crises. In South America just Paraguay and Chile are not socialist. I'm from Brasil I know what I'm saying

Robyn Linn says:

Honest analysis thanks Carl 🙂

Mohamed Eldib Bitcoin Crypto News says:

I’m so happy that we limit the amount of cryptocurrency that can be issued. All third world countries are suffering but we don’t notice it her because the federal reserve keeps printing dollars and expecting to get it back from the market through taxes etc. but the fiat market will crash because of the federal reserve’s actions as the fiat market is too unstable to handle that amount of printing

Muhammad Umar says:

Don’t spread the fake news it can suddenly move up or down.

scotgod1 scotgod1 says:

Dream dream dream


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ComicCommando says:

I hear you but honestly the reason bitcoin is king of the crypto's is because it was first and it was the first and only coin for a long time you had to buy to buy other coins. It's a first generation blockchain and will be a dinosaur in the future IMO.

Gianluca Ghettini says:

more like $30 dollars, still nothing btw

deepu streeter says:

It was wild but not totally unprecedented if you’d been watching cryptocurrency over the last several years.

And here’s the crazy thing:

There are many other coins that still have tons of room to grow.

You may have heard of Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and others but there are more coins and many more opportunities –

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xslowdivex says:

I don’t know I think it’s a little early to call triple bottom personally. If BTC lingers here too long it could be a whole different story. Plus I don’t see confidence suddenly re-entering the market: why would it? Weeks of slowly grinding upwards destroyed in a matter of days, hours even. Not exactly confidence boosting…

Coolhalo7 says:

BOOOOOOOOOOOOO…!!!!!!!! You know nothing!!!!!

marc combs says:

The hyperinflation currently in Venezuela will spread to other global fiat in due time. But for now, global fiat only tend to have that severe allergic reaction called hyperinflation when they get near crypto. In the US we already have calls for mandatory minimum wage increases and other cost of living adjustment proposals. Many people believe that if the govt will throw money from helicopters created during the financial crisis, we will all live better. Nope. When burger-flippers are making $500/hr and doing the dance of joy, they will cry when they go to the store and a gallon of milk is $600/hr. And the dollar valuation of BTC, at that time, will have no importance.

Deadflag says:

plan for June 6th., that will be the date it goes up.

1337ghomri says:

From 27/05 until now we are forming a rising wedge. Can se it on 1h, 2h and 4h. That is pretty bearish. Plus the volume from the bounce is really low.

Syndicator says:

Geese 2.5 million =3 dollars a month as a wage? INSANE. Can’t see BTC getting to all time highs again if we don’t have the lightning network though Carl…not unless it’s out of necessity of course…

Александр Иванов says:

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Максим Власюк says:

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Тимофей Табачкофф says:

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