Bitcoin 's Next Step – A Repeating Pattern

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Bitcoin ‘s Next Step – A Repeating Pattern


Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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CamCakes says:

I had a dream BTC went to 7k and I bought so much of it 🙂

Felicia Leighz says:

I'm currently making $3000- $3500 weekly off bitcoin and I can't help it but imagine how much I'll be making by the time it hits $20,000

Joseph p says:

How do I buy Facebook coin

terisa west says:

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nakism says:

Llama market! You named it Cam! Thank you! This will age well.

uhlijohn says:

Guess you didn't hear the news about gold….got smashed down below $1400 again. Gold is capped at $1400. Forget gold….buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digibyte, Theta….

Mark Carter says:

I need his Chandelier thanks again

Jo Boo says:

Why are your eyes so yellow – have you contracted jaundice ?

Expert1911 says:

Llama market makes sense considering the volatility drama. Full of drama the llama is.

R James says:

Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving ‘Supply shock’ coming down the track….🌬…..🏄‍♀️

Talking of fees and $3.66 reminder that Łitecoin fees were recently reduced by 90 per cent. Funny video as usual 😎

Gwent Champ says:

Bitcoin just dumped ! OMFG !

Flat Earth Truth says:

flat earth baby

deathstar11 says:

Been hearing a lot of praise for Kucoin exchange and complaints about Coinbase but to buy 1 btc on Kucoin incurs a $432 fee but on Coinbase we're talkin $171 so when it comes to fees…guess who i'll get btc from…

Digger says:

Very nice vid. Perfect

Jonathan Fernando Bustos Chacón says:

Hellow man from Colombia.

Neville Robertson says:

The SEC haven't agreed it's a bull market. Well still need to show them 1.5K BTC and hope they like it enough to approve the BTC ETFs on letting institutions' buy safely and officially. Then bull market once they accumulated enough.

Lasse Trevland says:

We're still in a bull run in a bear market. A bull market is not confirmed yet until we break 19.5K, closes above on the daily and stays above for two consecutive candles.

Yana Kunitsky says:

OMG! you got me on lama market! LOLing badly

James says:

Omg the red alert theme song, brings me back 😂😂😂

Reef Keepers says:

Cam is awesome!!! Lama Market confirmed!!! lol

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