BITCOIN Santa Claus RALLY Possible?! $BTC Halving a “Non-Event?” HODLers are INSANE?!

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Is a #Bitcoin Santa Claus rally possible? 64% of $BTC remains unmoved since 2018, Jack Dorsey says Africa could lead the way for BTC and crypto adoption, why the halving may have no immediate effect on price, news, and more!

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Intro Credit:

2:20 Markets 〽️
3:12 BTC analysis:
6:58 Bitcoin Santa Claus rally?
8:02 Halving will have no effect?
9:17 HODLers of last resort:
12:27 Jack Dorsey on Africa x BTC:
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Crypto Zombie says:

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Guy Hickson says:

Hardware wallet commenter, I'm a hodler +, I buy small amount weekly. More when it drops, sometimes more when it goes up and if it ever drops below my average cost I'll buy as much as I can afford. But no selling anytime soon. Trying to hodl ten more years and then see if I was right.

Chia Kit says:

Btc i am coming !!!!!!!

Bkrieder says:

Love looking forward to your intros lol keep it up yall crypto is here

CryptosCarlos says:

Halving gotta impact BTC hard

Ernest Chew says:

Move move move please.

Marko Marina says:

First Serbian crypto Teslafunds-TSF

GPU mineable coin ETHASH

Mike C says:

Really appreciate your videos.

KaSi says:

Will people still hold their bitcoins during a recession? I will…

Red Man says:

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Yters were getting payed well to promote Bybit, when overnight everyone of them were promoting it hard on their channels and I get it, everyone has to try and make money where they can………..but getting a % of the losses from the people that they suckered in to using it…….is pretty F'ed up……just saying…..

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jnightz says:

Thanks. Great video as always.

Haliza Hadi says:

this holiday spirit is telling me to dca more so that i can keep it on the new ledger nano s 🎉👏🏻💪🏻

Cute Boy says:

Everyone: 4:55 lots of resistance
BTC: may b these guys didn't see me shoot though the 6k last time🤔, these fools still dare to underestimate me 😎🤣😂

CryptoDice says:

We'll find out for sure lol🤑

Craigt K says:

A new Ledger?

blus z says:

Ledger pls thx

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