Bitcoin Scalability to Power Next Bull Run, Pantera’s Krug Says

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Oct.16 — Joey Krug, co-chief investment officer at Pantera Capital, discusses the next bull run for Bitcoin as he sees the cryptocurrency “close to a bottom” with the potential to grow “10X” from here. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde at the Sooner Than You Think Conference on “Bloomberg Markets.”


Joshua Lopez says:

Cybermiles going to the moon. Xrp also going to the moon

togethertothebottom says:

Imagine not buying @200dollars when its going to be 20X that during next bullrun.

Ady Jhon says:

Nxt when moon

Joseph Moss says:

EOS is already at 4k transactions per second. Goodbye Ethereum…..if you can't scale……YOU'RE DONE

Jaydipshih Jadeja says:

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Lachlan Greenbank says:

Lightning enables now more than visa but theoretically infinite tx per second, how can this guy not know this. Bitcoin is scaling.

Reality Shifter says:

EOS 🚀🚀🚀🚀

Danielle Raiza Seguis says:

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pkami says:

Damn..ETN literally solves the scalability me chills knowing it’s the only one aligned for mass adoption!!

Rabie Alkamouchi says:

Zcash viacoin fuck bitcoin

Anthony Michael says:

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Mr Kelly says:

Recession will be the next bullrun as BOE reduces to negative interest rates

Richard Stockton says:

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