BITCOIN SOARS TO $4,000 | Here’s what you need to know

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K. B. says:

Pimpin Nick you gotta do something big for 50k subscribers.

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쿠스각 says:

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Christopher Lawson says:

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paul Morrison says:

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paul Morrison says:

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Bob Leonard says:

Anyone else notice that Bitcoin is beginning to "Flat-line" in the same way that gold has been manipulated the last few years?
Could it be that JPM has figured out a way to suppress it? If so, we will never see $5000 Bitcoin in next 10 years.

Louie Quinn says:

Great comments, great analysis, a bit too repetitive and verbose though.

PirateTHESteam1 says:

Tell the truth DataDash.
Atleast 50% of BTC's current price is merely speculation, unlike a year ago where it was 10-20% speculation and 80% actual usage and therefore true value.
The public's positive opinion of the future is the only thing keeping its price above 2K.
Proceed with caution kids. Dont spend too much of your dads credit card of BTC. You might just get fucked.

Jerry P. says:

I think the end of the month is going to be more turbulent than anybody expects. Bitcoin split anyone ? And then the first of next month should be an even wilder ride. Should all settle down by Nov. as Black Fri. comes close.

Jun Jun says:

I like you, love ur work & channel! Thank u

altera motive says:

Exactly how do you no about any institutional buyers? JP Morgan are a brokerage, they move money for other people, do some research before shouting about Jamie Diamond shorting the market, which is insider trading and if you think the future chair of the FED is going to endorse BTC or short it, you need to check your head!


In my opinion btc is still very much underwater – and this is only a bounce to allow the 77 to break down under the 231 – once that happens its lights out, and bye bye all time high. And if that happens I'm ready to buy in but I do agree it's a 50 50 up or down

elsueniero says:

If you have your portfolio offline, how do you do to quickly put it online to short it? Any tip or trick you could share?

Central Intelligence Agency says:

All cryptocurrencies comming to collapse.

lucifuehrer says:

Bitcoin is the modern day golden calf.

Wayne Johnson says:

Do you put your coins into tether when market falls?

ConsideringPhlebas says:

Most of this FUD is just noise. The recent 'China news' decline was the standard 40% correction from a new high. It may have exacerbated the fall but it was entirely to be expected. The speed of the move is also indicative of the accelerated phase the market is in now as it nears the end of this bullmarket.

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